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Here are CDR demos available for the radioshow. You can request them whenever you want.

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» 6

6 Dtc ''S/t'' | S/p

» A

A 18 ''Foreverafternothing'' | Victory
A Better Tomorrow ''S/t'' | S/p
A Day Refrain ''The Fiberglass Sessions'' | S/T
A Death For Every Sin ''In a time where hope is lost'' | Alveran
A Death For Every Sin ''God s final descent'' | Sounds Of Revolution
A Life Once Lost ''A great artist'' | Deathwish
A Perfect Murder ''War of aggression'' | Victory
A Shroud Cast Over ''S/t'' | S/p
Abhinanda ''Senseless'' | Desperate Fight
Abnegation ''Verses of the bleeding'' | Goodlife
Above This Fire ''In perspective'' | Life Sentence
Absconded ''Five year plan'' | We Bite
Absence ''Shall the sentence be death'' | Screams Of Salvation
Absidia ''Morphology of fear'' | Bastardized
Absone '''' | Sobermind
Acedia ''Everyone you lovve will eventually die'' | S/p
Adamantium ''From the depths of depression'' | Indecision
Adamantium ''Traditions'' | Indecision
Adept ''The rose will decay'' | Pretty Dirty
Adjudgement ''Information fallen to rock bottom'' | Vacation House
After All ''S/t'' | S/p
After The Fall ''S/t'' | S/p
Aftermath Of A Trainwreck ''Horseshoes and handgrenades'' | New Age
Aftershock ''Letters'' | Life Sentence
Aftershock ''Through the looking glass'' | Goodlife
Against The Grain ''War stories'' | Faction Zero
Against The Grain ''Mentiroso'' | Too Damn Hype
Age Of Disgrace ''Those who persist'' | Filled With Hate
Age Of Ruin ''The tides of tragedy'' | Eulogy
Agnostic Front ''Dead yuppies'' | Epitaph
Agnostic Front / Discpline ''Working class heroes'' | Iscream
Agoraphobic Nosebleed ''The poacher diaries'' | Relapse
Alcatraz ''S/t'' | Rock Vegas
Alea Jacta Est ''Demo 2007'' | S/p
Alea Jacta Est ''Split cd 2008'' | S/p
All Is Lost ''No hope'' | S/p
All Out War ''Truth in the age of lies'' | Gain Ground
All Out War ''Condemned to suffer'' | Victory
All Out War ''Assassins in the house of god'' | Victory
All Out War ''For those who were crucified'' | Victory
All Out War ''Truth in the age of lies'' | Organized Crime
All Spyz ''S/t'' | S/p
All That Remains ''Behind silence and solitude'' | Lifeforce
Allegiance ''Desperation'' | Rivalry
Alterkation ''Heaven hath no fury'' | S/p
Among The Living ''Broken foundation'' | Dark Chronicle
Anah Aevia ''Realise you re dead'' | Selah
Ananda ''Profane'' | Overcome
Anchor ''First year'' | Self True
Angel Crew ''Another day living in hatred'' | Goodlife
Another Nothing ''New breed'' | Chord
Apathemy ''Encased in black this is forever'' | Tribunal
Apathy ''What the dead see thru'' | S/p
Arameus ''Is your revolution merely for display?'' | Engineer
Aria ''As if forever really exists'' | Tribunal
Arkangel ''Hope you die by overdose'' | Private Hell
Arkangel ''Prayers upon deaf ears'' | Rpp
Arkangel ''Dead man walking'' | Goodlife
Arkham ''The wrath'' | Acrid
Arma Angelus ''Where sleeplessness is'' | Eulogy
Arma Angelus ''The grave end of the shovel'' | Let It Burn
Arson ''Written in blood'' | Resurrection Ad
Arson ''Less perfect than death'' | Resurrection Ad
Arson ''Lacerate the sky'' | Resurrection Ad
As We Bleed '''' | S/p
As We Fight ''The darkness of apocalypse has fallen before us'' | S/p
As We Fight ''Black nails and bloody wrists'' | Goodlife
Ascension ''The years of fire'' | Toybox
Ascension ''Abomination'' | Toybox
Ashlar ''Enthroned in a so-called heaven'' | Hellbound
Assert ''Left opposition'' | Householdname
Assert ''More than a witness'' | Householdname
Assert ''Riotous assembly'' | Hardboiled
Astro Zombies Ad ''Mutants at mosa trajectum'' | Gangstyle
At The Drive-in ''Relationship of command'' | Grand Royal
Awaken ''S/t'' | S/p
Awaken ''All that glitters is not gold'' | Tsb
Awaken Demons ''From heaven to hell'' | Demons Run Amok
Awkward Thought ''Ruin a good time'' | Iscream
Awoken ''Take aim'' | Let It Burn
Awoken ''Demo 2005'' | S/p
Axp ''The devil we dont know'' | On The Attack

» B

Back Against The Wall ''Down to earth'' | Fullhouse
Back Down ''Pushing Forward'' | Knives Out
Backfire ''Choose my own path'' |
Backfire ''Change the game'' | Iscream
Backhand ''Love all'' | S/t
Backslap ''Find yourself'' | S/p
Backstabbers ''S/t'' | Hardway
Ballroom ''The race with the devil'' | Pateline
Bane ''It all comes down to this'' | Equal Vision
Barcode ''Showdown'' | Nuclear Blast
Battery ''Only the diehard remain'' | Lost And Found
Battery ''Let the past go'' | Lost And Found
Beans ''So it goes'' | Iscream
Beat Down ''Blood n tears'' | Mad Mob
Beat Down Fury ''First family'' | Rucktion
Beecher ''Breaking the fourth wall'' | Earache
Beecher ''This elegy, his autopsy'' | Earache
Beneath The Remains ''Quest of the lost souls'' | Rpp
Beneath The Remains/facedown Nj ''Split 4'' | Inner Rage
Berzerkers ''Cut throat words'' | S/p
Bestiary ''The loscust, the fire and the plumbline'' | Selah
Betrayed ''Addiction'' | Bridge 9
Betrayed ''Substance'' | Equal Vision
Between The Buried And Me '''' | Lifeforce
Between The Buried And Me ''The silent circus'' | Victory
Beyond Reason ''The demands of commerce'' | S/p
Beyond The Sixth Seal ''Earth and sphere'' | Lifeforce
Billy The Kid ''Jonestown'' | WOYC
Birthright ''Out of darkness'' | Goodlife
Black My Heart ''Before the devil'' | Alveran
Bleed Into One ''Words cant save us now'' | Dead Serious
Blood For Blood ''Livin in exile'' | Victory
Blood For Blood ''Serenity'' | Iscream
Blood Is The Harvest ''Till the bitter end'' | Shing
Bloodjinn ''Leave this world breathing'' | Goodfellow
Bloodlined Calligraphy ''Say hi to the bad guy'' | Selah
Bloodlined Calligraphy ''Ypsilanti'' | Facedown
Bloodlined Calligraphy ''They want you silent'' | Facedown
Bloodshot ''Carnal assault upon a'' | S/p
Bloodshot ''A pestilence called humainty'' | Cartel
Bloodsport ''Warrior beast supreme'' | Gangstyle
Bloodstained ''Saligia'' | Ratel
Bloodties ''Into the dark decade'' | Counter Intelligence
Bloodties ''S/t'' | Counter Intelligence
Bloody Sunday ''They attack at dawn'' | Strike First
Born From Pain ''Reclaiming the crown'' | Gangstyle
Born From Pain ''S/t'' | Gangstyle
Born From Pain ''Sands of time'' | Gangstyle
Botch ''We are the romans'' | Hydrahead
Botch ''An anthology of dead ends'' | Hydrahead
Bounz The Ball ''Companeros de vida'' | Rise Or Rust
Boxcutter ''Thug rock'' | Cartel
Boy Sets Fire ''S/t'' | Victory
Boy Sets Fire ''Live for today'' | Windup
Break It Up ''S/t'' | Am
Breakdown ''Plus minus'' | Kingfisher
Breed 77 ''The message'' | Householdname
Brethren ''To live again'' | S/t
Bridge To Solace ''Where nightmares and dreams unite'' | Gangstyle
Brightside ''Punchline'' | Lost And Found
Bring It On ''Payback'' | Dff
Broken Fist ''Berlin - warsaw - moscow'' | District 763
Broken Oath ''What lies ahead'' | S/p
Broken Promises ''Dying before the first step'' | Goodlife
Brother S Keeper ''Ladder'' | We Bite
Brother S Keeper ''Forever never ending'' | Trustkill
Building ''S/t'' | Sobermind
Built To Last ''...and knowing is half the battle'' | Resurrection Ad
Bulldoze ''The final beatdown'' | Time
Burden ''With every step forward'' | Dead Serious
Buried Alive ''The death of your perfect world'' | Victory
Burn ''Cleanse'' | Equal Vision
Burn Hollywood Burn ''It shouts and sings with life....'' | Bisect Bleed
Burning Skies ''Premonition of things to come'' | S/t
Burnside ''Vision of serenity'' | Rpp
Burst One S Side ''Tight'' | Knives Out
Bury Your Dead ''Cover your tracks'' | Victory
Bury Your Dead ''You had me at hello'' | Alveran
Bust The Chain ''Burned bridges'' | Mad Mob
Butt Plug ''S/t'' | S/p
By My Fists ''Demo 2003'' | S/p

» C

Cain ''Choke the sun'' | Real Deal
Caliban ''Shadow hearts'' | Lifeforce
Callisto ''Ordeal of the century'' | S/p
Cameran ''S/t'' | S/p
Canaan ''Gehenna made flesh'' | Abstraction
Canvas ''S/t'' | Householdname
Canvas ''Lost in rock'' | Householdname
Capdown ''Civil disobedients'' | Householdname
Capdown ''Time for change'' | Householdname
Carry On ''A life less plagued'' | Bridge 9
Carved In Stone ''Demo'' | S/p
Cassandra ''Pay us suicide torn and forgot'' | Dyslexia
Cast Aside ''The struggle'' | Deathwish
Cast Aside ''Overcome'' | Malfunction
Castahead ''S/t'' | Akeldama
Cataract ''Martyr'' | Lifeforce
Cataract ''S/t'' | Infinite
Catharsis ''Arsonist s prayer'' | Scorched Earth Policy
Cave In ''Until your heart stops'' | Hydrahead
Cave In ''Creative eclipse'' | Hydrahead
Cave In ''Jupiter'' | Hydrahead
Cease ''S/t'' | Natural High
Ceasefire ''The cycle of unbelief'' | Facedown
Center Of Zero ''S/t'' | S/p
Chain Of Strength ''The one thing that still holds true'' | Revelation
Chalice ''Deathmask grin'' | Takehold
Chamberlain ''Vive year diary 1996-2000'' | Engineer
Change The World ''Sinking sun'' | S/p
Cheech ''A day late and a dollar short'' | S/p
Cheech ''Keep your pimp hand strong'' | Ngs
Children ''Impedimenta'' | Overcome
Chokehold ''Content with dying'' | Bloodlink
Choleric ''Weed out the week , when the sun goes down'' | S/p
Christiansen ''Emphasizing function over design'' | Eulogy
Cipher ''Protoculture'' | S/p
Cipher ''Recognize'' | S/p
Cleansweep ''A fight far beyond our thoughts'' | Rockstar
Clear ''Tha sickness must end'' | Life Sentence
Clear Convictions ''Warning'' | Strike First
Clenched Fist ''S/t'' | 13th Day
Closer Than Kin/none But Burning ''S/t'' | 4 The Masses
Coalition ''The ignition:from friction to fire'' | Smorgasbord
Coalition Against Shane ''Down with the king'' | Prophecy
Coalition Against Shane ''Keepin' the dogs away'' | 13th Day
Codeseven ''Division of labor'' | The Music Cartel
Cold As Life ''Declination of independance'' | CTYC
Cold Hard Truth ''Reflect the conflict'' | Iwoc
Comin Correct ''One scene unity'' | Goodlife
Comin Correct ''In memory of'' | Triplecrown
Comin Correct ''Alive and kicking'' | Diabolik
Comity ''The Deus ex-machina as a forgotten genius'' | Messiah
Congress ''Resurrection'' | Goodlife
Congress ''Angry with the sun'' | Goodlife
Congress ''Stake through the heart'' | Goodlife
Congress ''Blackened persistance'' | Good Life
Constraint ''And what we do always changes'' | Kingfisher
Contempt ''One justice'' | March Through
Convent ''Birth'' | S/p
Converge ''The poacher diaries'' | Relapse
Copykill ''S/t'' | Spill The Blood
Copykill ''Victim or witness'' | Alveran
Count The Cost ''Tried and true'' | Give Me Strength
Count To React ''Out for the count'' | Filled With Hate
Countime ''Broken blinded betrayed'' | No Joke
Course Of Action '' redeeming the sunlight'' | Hellbound
Covenant ''Part 2'' | Majestic
Crawlspace ''Don t get mad...get even !'' | Rpp
Crawlspace / Full Court Press ''The art of warfare'' | Gangstyle
Crippler Lbu ''S/t'' | Rucktion
Crisis Never Ends ''The human encounter with death & desire'' | Burning Season
Crossbreed ''The stamp of hate'' | S/p
Crowleys Passion ''Love kills'' | Burning Season
Crowleys Passion ''Demo'' | S/p
Crowleys Passion ''In my blood'' | Synaptic
Crystal Lake ''Dimension'' | Imperium
Culture ''Born of you'' | Goodlife
Culture ''Split cd'' | Goodlife
Culture ''Heteronome'' | Goodlife
Cwill ''Beyond reality'' | Prawda
Cwill ''Nations'' | Prawda

» D

D-fact ''The war undone'' | S/p
Da Sect ''Borough heavyweights'' | Backside
Damage Control ''Can't keep us down'' | Crucial Response
Damnation Ad ''In this life or the next'' | Victory
Danny Diablo ''Dollerz Make Sense'' | Knives Out
Dark Day Dungeon ''S/t'' | Natural High
Dark Day Dungeon ''Know your enemy'' | Let It Burn
Dark Orchestra ''4 people, 4 knobs'' | Skull Crushing
Darkest Hour ''So sedated,so secure'' | Victory
Darkest Hour ''Hidden hands of a sadist nation'' | Victory
Darkest Hour ''Deliver us'' | Victory
Darkside Nyc ''Ambitions make way for dread'' | Gain Ground
Darwin ''In the eye of the beholder'' | Burning Season
Dawn Of Anger ''S/t'' | Half A Life
Dawn Of Orion ''For the lust of prophecies undone'' | Immigrant Sun
Day Of Contempt ''See through the lies'' | Goodlife
Day Of Mourning ''Your future s end'' | Sound Of Revolution
Day Of Mourning ''Reborn as the enemy'' | Upheaval
Day Of Mourning ''S/t'' | 13th Day
Day Of Mourning ''A move towards ascension'' | 13th Day
Day Of Suffering ''The eternal jihad'' | Catalyst
Daylight ''Vague pictures of amazing moments'' | Incendiary
Daylight ''The dead end kids'' | Winter
Days Of Discord ''Rise of violence'' | S/p
DCA ''Upsurge'' | Knives Out
Dead 50s ''Standing on the edge of forever'' | Smorgasbord
Dead And Buried ''The company i keep'' | Spook City
Dead By Dawn ''New sounds of murder'' | Dark Chronicle
Dead Man S Chest ''Hateline'' | Seventh Dagger
Dead Man Walking ''Screaming past turns into silent future'' | S.f.t
Dead Pop Club ''Autopilot off'' | Crash Disque
Dead Reprise ''Death of a nation'' | Dead Vibrations Industry
Dead Reprise ''Day of defiance'' | Gangstyle
Dead To Fall ''Everything i touch falls into pieces'' | Victory
Dead To Fall ''Villainy and virtue'' | Victory
Deadlock ''I ll make you'' | Winter
Deadlock ''The arrival'' | Winter
Deadscore ''Built to last'' | Cease Fire
Deadstyler ''Sie ist sufs'' | Winter
Death Before Disco ''S/t'' | Goodlife
Death Before Dishonor ''Wartime'' | S/p
Death Before Dishonor ''Friends family forever'' | Bridge 9
Death Before Dishonor ''Count me in'' | Bridge 9
Death By Stereo ''Day of the death'' | Epitaph
Death Or Glory ''Your choice'' | Crucial Response
Death Threat ''For god & governement'' | Iscream
Death Threat ''Peace and security'' | Triplecrown
Deathstar ''The triumph'' | Life Sentence
December ''Praying, hoping, nothing'' | Negative Attention
December Peals ''First in flight'' | Beniihana
Decline ''Damaged'' | S/p
Defdump ''Circle's closing'' | S/p
Defdump ''David vs corporate society'' | Skipworth
Deformity ''Murder within sin'' | Next Sentence
Deformity ''Misanthrope'' | Goodlife
Degradation '''' |
Dehanza ''S/t'' | S/p
Dent ''S/t'' | S/p
Despair ''Kill'' | Initial
Destiny ''Diving into Eternity'' | Beniihana
Deviate ''State of grace'' | Iscream
Deviate ''Red asunder'' | Iscream
Deviate ''Crisis of confidence'' | Iscream
Device ''Has been'' | Emergence
Devil Inside ''36 karat'' | Alveran
Dias De Agonia ''El renacer de nuestra venganza'' | Destiny
Die My Demon ''Love The Game... Hate The Players'' | Filled With Hate
Die My Will ''...and still we destroy'' | Pindrop
Die My Will ''S/t'' | Draw And Quartered
Die My Will ''Split cd'' | Wonderdrug
Die Young ''The message'' | Immigrant Sun
Disciple ''No blood, no altar now'' | Goodlife
Disciple Ad ''Doxology'' | Facedown
Discipline ''Nice boys finish last'' | Iscream
Discipline ''Everywhere we go'' | Iscream
Discipline ''Saints and sinners'' | Iscream
Discipline ''Working class heroes'' | Iscream
Diseptikons ''Solutions supported by the angry'' | Infamous
Dispel The Crowd ''Declaration'' | Spook
Disrespect ''Eternal mayhem'' | Mad Mob
Disrespect ''Hit the ceiling'' | Diehard
Distract ''Humanitywhispers devastation'' | Hellbound
Distrust ''No good deed shall go unpunished'' | Screaming Ferret
Disturb ''The last resort'' | S/p
Disturb ''The worst is to come'' | Customcore
Disturb ''From south we rise'' | Deadrock Industry
Dmize ''Backlash'' | Lost And Found
Do Or Die ''Heart full o fpain'' | Iscream
Do Or Die ''The meaning of honour'' | Iscream
Dodgin Bullets ''Soundtrack to the end'' | Facedown
Dodgin Bullets ''World wide war'' | Facedown
Doggystyle ''Self inflicted injury'' | S/p
Doggystyle ''Salvation'' | S/p
Down For Life ''It's always the same old story'' | S/p
Down My Throat ''Real heroes die'' | Fullhouse
Down My Throat ''Through the river of denial'' | Fullhouse
Down To Nothing ''The most'' | Revelation
Down To This ''Life blood'' | Faction Zero
Downpour ''Footsteps over our heads'' | Alveran
Downset ''Check your people'' | Epitaph
Downshot ''Payback's bitch'' | S/p
Downshot ''King of the meek'' | S/p
Dragbody ''Flip the kill switch'' | Overcome
Drift ''Stalkin like killers'' | Alveran
Driven ''Cowardice consumer of the west'' | Goodlife
Dropgod ''S/t'' | S/p
Drowning ''S/t'' | Rpp

» E

E Town Concrete ''Time 2 shine'' | Resurrection Ad
E Town Concrete ''Fuck the world'' | Cartel
E Town Concrete ''The renaissance'' | Roadrunner
Earth Crisis ''Nemesis'' | Victory
Earth Crisis ''All out war'' | Victory
Earth Crisis ''Firestorm'' | Victory
Earth Crisis ''The oath that keeps me free'' | Victory
Earth Crisis ''Destroy the machines'' | Victory
Earthmover ''Death carved in every word'' | Plus Minus
Edge Of Mortality ''S/t'' | Warfare
Edgewise ''S/t'' | Gain Ground
Eight Degrees ''Swam the waters'' | S/p
Eighteen Visions ''Lifeless'' | Life Sentence
Eighteen Visions ''Until the ink runs out'' | Trustkill
Elision ''Nephilim'' | Mad Mob
Ember ''One cell will become two'' | Day After
Embers ''The first squall of an evil storm'' | BeniiHana
Embers ''The bird fly again'' | S/p
Emmure ''Goodbye to the gallows'' | Victory
Empathy ''Burning from the inside'' | Genet
End Begins ''One step back'' | Fullhouse
End Of Days ''Three song demo cd'' | S/p
End Of Days ''Hate anthems'' | Spill The Blood
End On End ''Why evolve when we can go sideways?'' | Substandard
End This Day ''Sleeping beneath the ashes of creation'' | Lifeforce
End To End ''Dedicated to the emotion'' | Indecision
Endeavor ''Crazier than a shithouse rat'' | Conversion
Endeavor ''Constructive semantics'' | Trustkill
Endpoint ''If the spirits are willing'' | Doghouse
Enemy Ground ''In memory of them all'' | Gangstyle
Enemy Of The Sun ''S/t'' | Maliciousmen
Enemy Of The Sun ''Eclipse'' | Maliciousmen
Enrage ''The definitive'' | Rpp
Ensign ''Direction of things to come'' | Indecision
Envision ''The season of indifference'' | Next Sentence
Envy ''All the footprint...'' |
Es La Guerilla ''...the movie'' | S/p
Eso Charis ''S/t'' | Solid State
Esprit Du Clan ''Chapitre 0'' | U.m.p
Esprit Du Clan ''Universel'' | S/p
Esprit Du Clan ''Chapitre 1'' | Lacasta
Esprit Du Clan ''Reverence'' | Enrage
Eventide ''One word title'' | Smorgasbord
Evergreen Terrace ''Losing all hope is freedom'' | Indianola
Evergreen Terrace ''Writer s block'' | Alveran
Evergreen Terrace ''S/t'' | Indianola
Eviscerate Ad ''What lies ahead'' | S/p
Excessive Force ''In your blood'' | Life Sentence
Exit Wounds ''Return fire'' | Faultline
Explicit Silence ''S/t'' | S/p
Explicit Silence ''Demo 2001'' | S/p
Extinction ''Hypocrisy breeds traitors'' | Catalyst
Extinguish ''Downfall of Civilisation'' | New Eden

» F

Face Down ''Blinded by delusions'' | Tribunal
Facedown ''Education,contemplation,dedication'' | Genet
Faction Zero ''War stories'' | Faction Zero
Faction Zero ''S/t'' | Faction Zero
Fall Of A Season ''After the last breath...'' | Burning Season
Fall Of Serenity ''Grey man s requiem'' | Voice Of Life
Fall Silent ''Superstructure'' | Genet
Falling Cycle ''The conflict'' | Guideline
Fast Times ''Where were you'' | Smorgasbord
Fast Times ''Counting down'' | Smorgasbord
Fat Ass ''Split cd 2008'' | S/p
Fat Ass ''Past Is Lost Forever'' | Knives Out
Fat Society ''Demo'' | S/p
Fat Society ''Through the pain i suffer with a smile'' | Disagree
Fat Society ''Illusion s demise'' | Disagree
Fatality ''NY state of mind'' | On The Attack
Fear My Thoughts ''Vitriol'' | Let It Burn
Few Left Standing ''Regeneration of self'' | Takehold
Field Of Hate ''Blood and steel'' | Spill The Blood
Field Of Illusion ''Demo2000'' | S/p
Field Of Illusion ''Demo2001'' | S/p
Field Of Illusion ''Deceit'' | Foi Prod
Fight Everyone ''Up against the world'' | New Age
Figure Four ''No weapon formed against us'' | Facedown
Figure Four ''S/t'' | Facedown
Figure Four ''When it s all said and done'' | Kingfisher
Final Fight ''Under attack'' | Straight On
Final Prayer ''Right here right now'' | Let It Burn
Final Stand ''The only certainly in life is death'' | S/p
Finger Print ''Discographie'' | Stonehenge
Fingerprint ''S/t'' | Stonehenge
First Alliance ''Claiming the territory'' | Dhm
First Blood (fr) ''S/t'' | Mind Of Resistance
Five Minute Major ''When it ends'' | Inner Rage
Floorpunch ''Fast times at ...'' | Equal Vision
For The Glory ''Drown in blood'' | S/p
For The Love Of ''In consequence'' | Ferret
For The Love Of ''Feasting on the will of humanity'' | Ferret
For The Real ''S/t'' | Hardcoretrooper
Force ''S/t'' | Howling Bull
Forest In Blood ''What a wonderful world'' | S/p
Fragment ''...answers...'' | Voice Of Life
Fragment ''Angels never came'' | Pindrop
Framework ''Never again'' | Lifeforce
Freya ''As the last light drains'' | Victory
From Ashes Rise ''S/t'' | Havoc
From My Hands ''From hatred to justice'' | S/p
From The Dying Sky ''Truth's last horizon'' | Darksun
Frontal ''Vida convicta'' | S/p
Frontside ''S/t'' | Sinister
Ftx ''Life is too short'' | Lof
Fugue ''Proof of the man'' | Hmw
Full Blown Chaos ''S/t'' | S/p
Full Court Press ''The art of warfare'' | Gangstyle
Full In Your Face ''Everytime the storm'' |
Fury For Another ''S/t'' | Smorgasbord
Fury Of Five ''Telling it like it is !!!'' | Inner Rage

» G

Galahad ''Dark anthem'' | S/p
Gameness ''No unusual reaction'' | Onlyonecrew
Gameness ''S/t'' | S/p
Gantz ''Les jours...'' | Impure Muzik
Garlic Boys ''Poem'' | Howling Bull
Garlic Boys ''Love'' | Howling Bull
God S Heritage ''Handheld civilization'' | Retribution
Godless Wicked Creeps ''Smile'' | Lucky Seven
Good Clean Fun ''Positively positive 1997-2002'' | Equal Vision
Grade ''Under the radar'' | Victory
Grade ''Triumph and tragedy'' | Victory
Grieving Days To Come ''The unsaid everything'' | Tribunal
Grimlock ''Songs of self'' | Pindrop
Grimlock ''Crusade of reality'' | Life Sentence
Grimlock ''Crusher'' | Life Sentence

» H

H Tray ''Worst times of decline'' | Closer
Hamartia ''To play the part'' | Goodlife
Hands Upon Salvation ''Celebrate the newborn'' | S/p
Hard Resistance ''It s all around'' | Lost And Found
Hard To Swallow ''Protected by the ejaculation of'' | Householdname
Hardflip ''Bunkercore'' | Spill The Blood
Hardflip ''Sicknature anthems'' | True Till Deaf
Hardlife ''Victimas del odio'' | Envy
Hardsell ''Breaking the jaw'' | Iscream
Harvest ''Living with a god complex'' | Trustkill
Hate Force ''Back for more'' | Smah It Up
Hate Pm ''No mind s land'' | Lof
Hatebreed ''Satisfaction is the death of desire'' | Victory
Have Heart ''The things we carry'' | Bridge 9
Have Heart ''Songs to scream'' | Bridge 9
Heaven Shall Burn ''Whatever it may take'' | Lifeforce
Heaven Shall Burn ''Antigone'' | Century Media
Hell Burns Away ''The vehemence of the speech'' | S/p
Hell Burns Away ''Worse than the truth'' | Customcore
Hellchild ''Circulating contradiction'' | Howling Bull
Hellnation ''Dynamite up your ass'' | Sound Pollution
Hentai ''S/t'' | S/p
Hhh ''Making changes'' | Householdname
Hightower ''Sure.Fine.Whatever.'' | Knives Out
Hit List ''S/t'' | On The Attack
Hk ''S/t'' | Impure Musik
Holdstrong ''Nothing in return'' | Pindrop
Homestell ''Deceit'' | Foi Prod
Hoods ''Pray for death'' | Victory
Hoods ''Time...the destroyer'' | Victory
Hoods ''The king is dead'' | Eulogy
Hoods ''New blood'' | Gain Ground
Hopeful ''Demos'' | Bcore
Hopesfall ''The frailty of words'' | Die To Self
Horizon ''Where the blind lead the blind'' | Catalyst
Hotcross ''Cryonics'' | Levelplane
Human Demise ''Whitechapel demise'' | Envy
Hyde ''A beautiful nightmare'' | Tribunal

» I

I ''One word'' | Let It Burn
I Am Afraid To Depress ''S/t'' | S/p
Ignorance Never Settles ''S/t'' | Firestorm
Ill Blood ''The test of time'' | S/p
Imballance ''Spouting rhetoric'' | Householdname
In Blood We Trust ''Curb games'' | True Till Deaf
In Cold Blood ''Hell on earth'' | Victory
In Due Time ''Back to basics'' | Strike First
In Dying Days ''After the fire'' | One Day Savior
In Dying Days ''Life as a balancing act'' | One Day Savior
In Greed ''Demo'' | Dark Bullet
In Greed ''Unlive'' | S/p
In My Eyes ''Nothing to hide'' | Revelation
In Quest ''Destination : pyroclasm'' | Soulreaper
In Reach ''Miles to go'' | Pindrop
In The Clear ''Out of our past'' | Sakari
Incoherence ''A world without heroes'' | Blackfish
Incured ''Stand as one'' | Prawda
Indecision ''Release the cure'' | Overcome
Indecision ''Discography'' | Rpp
Indecision ''Smash tradition'' | Householdname
Indecision ''Youth crew 1995'' | Back Ta Basics
Indicate ''S/t'' | S/p
Indication ''My energy'' | The Age Of Venus
Indust ''A quiet place'' | Disagree
Infuriated ''Silent scream'' | Day Break
Inhuman ''Black reign'' | Rpp
Inhuman ''Rebellion'' | Wreck Age
Inhuman ''Evolver'' | Eyeball
Inner Dam ''When angels fall'' | Rpp
Inner Dam ''Through Darkness, Broken Hearts and Open Veins'' | Self True
Inside Conflict ''Headless'' | Next Sentence
Inside Conflict ''Unearthed from wonderland'' | Overcome
Inside Conflict ''Spherical mirage'' | Overcome
Inside Conflict / Sylvester Stalline '''' | Bones Brigade
Inside Me ''La ira de los vivos'' | S/p
Inside Out ''No spiritual surrender'' | Revelation
Instil ''Questioning like only..'' | Beniihana
Integrity ''Systems overload'' | Victory
Integrity ''Humanity is the devil'' | Victory
Integrity 2000 ''S/t'' | Victory
Intercede ''S/t'' | Akeldama
Irate ''Demo'' | S/p
Irate ''Burden of a crumbling society'' | S/p
Isolated ''Antistyle'' | District 763

» J

Jane ''A doorway to elsewhere'' | Alveran
Jane ''S/t'' | Alveran
Jaymie ''Between a shadow and i'' | More Romance
Jetsex ''Demo'' | S/p
Joshua ''The baggage'' | Engineer
Judoboy ''S/t'' | Hanabi

» K

Kafka ''Truths'' | Householdname
Kaiserschnitt 13 ''Three other side'' | Pateline
Kartel ''Gutter music vol 1'' | Rucktion
Kickback ''Cornered'' | Hostile
Kickback ''Forever war'' | Hostile
Kickback ''Les 150 passions meurtri'' | Hostile
Killed By Memories ''Forever doesn t last'' | Faction Zero
Kindred ''Split cd'' | Goodlife
King Of Clubz ''Time of grievance'' | Ratel
Kingpin ''Bad habits die hard'' | Pyro Rex
Knockdown ''Violence for violence'' | Gmc
Knuckledust ''Smash tradition'' | Householdname
Knuckledust ''Universal struggle'' | Gangstyle
Knuckledust ''Promises comfort fools'' | Gangstyle
Knuckledust ''London hardcore'' | Days Of Fury
Knuckledust ''Time wont heal this'' | Blackfish
Knut ''Diy cd1'' | Snuff
Knut ''Challenger'' | Chrome Saint Magnus
Kobayes ''S/t'' | Loko
Kombat ''When silence makes you deaf'' | Last Effort
Kombat / Cast In Fire '''' |
Koroded ''Downstream voyage'' | Acrid
Krutch ''Our thing-the mafia years'' | Cartel
Krutch ''S/t'' | Thornz

» L

Ladyluck ''Life in between'' | Diehard
Landmine Marathon ''Wounded'' | Level Plane
Landmine Marathon ''Rusted eyes awake'' | Level Plane
Lariat ''Manifesto'' | S/p
Last Dayz ''S/t'' | Ratel
Last To Remain ''Operation beatdown'' | Nothing But A Beatdown
Last Year ''Pictures, letters and memories'' | Goodlife
Lawstreet 16 ''Off the sidewalk'' | S/t
Leeway ''Born to expire, desperate measures'' | Another Planet
Lenght Of Time ''How good the world could be again'' | Goodlife
Lenght Of Time ''Antiworld'' | Iscream
Let It Die ''Stick to your guns'' | Still Life
Liar ''Liar's hell'' | Alveran
Liar ''Decontaminate'' | Lifeforce
Liar ''Invictus'' | Genet
Lickity Split ''S/t'' | Torque
Life As War ''To tell you this'' | What We Believe
Life Or Death ''Sentenced'' | 1917
Lifebleed ''A wardrobe full of bodies'' | Watchmen
Lifeforce ''S/t'' | We Bite
Ligature ''Extinction agenda'' | S/p
Lin ''853'' | 2 Friends
Line Of Scrimmage ''Cinderblock solution'' | On The Attack
Living Sacrifice ''Conceived in fire'' | Solid State
Lockdown ''The ldp'' | Householdname
Locked In A Vacancy '''' | Purity
Lockjaw ''A lesson in hate'' | Upheaval
Logic ''2 inches to victory'' | S/p
Logic ''Straight up chaos'' | S/p
Los ''Bad intentions are often hidden behind beautiful gestures'' | Sweet Remedy
Lose None ''Warrior blood'' | Blood Money
Lost In Battle ''S/t'' | S/p
Love Hope And Fear ''Rose'' | S/p
Love Is Red '''' |

» M

Madball ''Droppin many suckers'' | Wreck Age
Manhunt ''S/t'' | S/p
Manhunt ''Revenge volume one'' | S/p
Mark Of The Devil ''S/t'' | Firestorm
Maroon ''Captive in the room of,,,'' | Kerosene
Maroon ''Antagonist'' | Alveran
Mastiff ''Strength In Despair'' | Knives Out
Max Rebo Kids ''Ciphers'' | Let It Burn
Maypole ''Burning in water,drowning in flame'' | Gangstyle
Medulla Nocte ''A conversation alone'' | Householdname
Merauder ''Master killer'' | Cm
Mindfield ''Be-low'' | Lifeforce
Miozan ''Thorn in your side'' | Mad Mob
Miozan ''Ignorance'' | Mad Mob
Miss Mofet ''An island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea'' | Northpost
Misura ''S/t'' | Rpp
Misura ''Shame of the nation'' | Twist Of Faith
Monsieur Po ''There was life'' | S/p
More Than Ever ''Silent and cold'' | Guideline
Morning After ''Through the eyes of the enemy'' | Fullhouse
Morning Again ''Hand of the martyr'' | Alveran
Morning Again ''The cleanest war'' | S/p
Morning Again ''Martyr'' | Goodlife
Morning Again ''S/t'' | Goodlife
Morning Before ''Sunblind'' | Pateline
Morning Before ''The new romantics'' | Strangefruit
Most High Game ''Discharge'' | S/p
Motherbirth ''One fine day'' | S/p
Motive ''I vs. the Beckoning of Darkness'' | Exit
Mushmouth ''Lift the curse'' | Triple Crown
My Own Victim ''The weapon'' | Kingfisher
My Own Victim ''No voice no right no freedom'' |
My Own Victim ''S/t'' |
My Own Victim ''Burning inside'' | Century Media
My Son My Executioner ''In between heaven and hell'' | Doll House

» N

N A O P ''Hard to deny'' | Gangstyle
Naiad ''Hardcore emotion'' | Goodlife
Narcissus ''...and forthwith came out blood'' |
Narcissus ''Newwave techno homicide'' | Takehold
Narziss ''Die hoffnung stirbt zuletzt'' | Circulation
Narziss ''Hope dies'' | Circulation
Narziss ''Solang das herz schl'' | Alveran
Neck ''S/t'' | S.f.t
Neck ''Should my fist eye'' | Cho Sin
Negate ''The fifth season'' | Next Sentence
Negate ''Tragik circus'' | Darksun
Negate ''Enemy'' | Goodlife
Negate ''The dead guy palace'' | Voice Of Life
Neglect ''End it'' | We Bite
Nehemiah ''Lenore'' | Uprising
Neshamah ''The grass withers and it s flower falls'' | S/p
Never Face Defeat ''Remember your heartbeat'' | Dra
Never The More ''Never the more'' | Engineer
New Noise Project ''The difficulty of definition'' | Dead Serious
Newborn ''Arsonist s prayer'' | Scorched Earth Policy
Next Step Up ''Breaking point'' | Gain Ground
Next Step Up ''Heavy, the return of'' | Gain Ground
Nine ''Ligths out'' | Burning Heart
Ninesin ''The death we will face'' | Gmc
Nj Bloodline ''Be afraid'' | Rpp
No Compromise ''The common disease'' | S/p
No Compromise ''Life is a whore we cant pay'' | Disagree
No Grace ''Eating from the inside'' | Trial & Error
No Guts No Glory ''Hardcore college'' | S/p
No Innocent Victim ''Flesh and blood'' | Victory
No Innocent Victim ''Tipping the scales'' | Victory
No Innocent Victim ''S/t'' | Tolerance
No Junk Food ''1680 axial flow'' | S/p
No Retreat ''S/t'' | Thornz
No Retreat ''Rise of the underdog'' | Kingfisher
No Turning Back ''Damage done'' | Gangstyle
No Turning Back ''Revenge is a right'' | Gangstyle
None But Burning/closer Than Kin ''S/t'' | 4 The Masses
None Shall Be Saved ''Knowledge is the key'' | Customcore
None Shall Be Saved ''Those days are gone'' | Customcore
Norma Jean ''Bless the martyr and kiss the child'' | Solid State
Norte Cartel ''Fiel a tradicao'' | Seven Eight Life
North Side Kings ''Allied forces'' | Thorp
Nostromo ''Argue'' | Snuff
Nostromo ''Eyesore'' | Mosh Bart
Nostromo ''Eccelex'' | Overcome
Not Waving But Drowning ''S/t'' | Householdname
Not Without Resistance ''The blood the honor the truth'' | Back Ta Basics
Nothing Between Us ''Berlin - warsaw - moscow'' | District 763
Nothing Left To Mourn ''Through thick and thin'' | Warmachine
Nueva Etica ''Inquebrantable'' | Alveran
Nueva Etica ''La vengenza de los justos'' |
Nunchaku ''Best of 1993-1998'' | Howling Bull
Nyari ''Your nation is dead'' | Alveran
Nyari '''' | Alveran

» O

On A Warpath ''S/t'' | Westcoast Worldwide
On Our Own ''Now and forever'' | Perfect Victim
On The Rise ''Burning inside'' | Iscream
One Fifth ''S/t'' | Indianola
One For One ''Seven year cicada'' |
One For One ''Version2,0'' | On The Rise
One King Down ''God loves, man kills'' | Equal Vision
One King Down ''Bloodlust revenge'' | Equal Vision
One King Down ''S/t'' | Goodlife
One Last Chance ''To prove you wrong'' | Hardcore Resistance
One Life Crew ''Crime ridden society'' | Victory
One More Attempt ''S/t'' | S/p
One Second Thought ''Self inflicted'' | Cartel
One Shot Eye ''His last will'' | S/p
One Step Too Many ''Under the bar'' | On The Attack
One Thirty Late ''S/t'' | Vacation House
One True Reason ''Kings can fall'' | Seven Eight Life
Onfall ''The hardcore connection'' | S/p
Only Attitude Counts ''100%'' | Vienna Style
Only Attitude Counts ''We stand as one'' | Lost And Found
Only Attitude Counts ''Never face defeat 1993 - 2003'' | Frontline
Only Attitude Counts ''Hard to swallow'' | Lost And Found
Only Attitude Counts ''Face the wrath'' | Swellcreek
Onslaught ''Bloodgeoned'' | I Stand Alone
Ookla The Mok ''Bless her little black heart'' | Life Sentence
Opposition Of One ''I try to understand this'' | S/p
Ordeal ''Empiricism'' | Division
Oubliette ''Cries of the peaceful'' | New Eden
Out Of Step ''Mr x and mr t'' | District 763
Out To Win ''Beg for life'' | Filled With Hate
Out To Win ''Persist and destroy'' | Triplecrown
Outface ''Pr'' | S/p
Outrage ''Disharmony brings harmony'' | S/p
Outspoken ''Spotlight'' | Indecision
Overcome ''Immortal until their work is done'' | Facedown
Overcome ''Blessed are the persecuted'' | Tooth And Nail
Overcome ''The life of death'' | Facedown
Overcome ''When beauty dies'' | Tooth And Nail
Overthrow ''S/t'' | Stillborn
Ovide ''Demo'' | S/p
Ownfight ''El tiempo y la esperanza'' | Backside
Ownfight ''Punto de no retorno'' | Backside

» P

Painmask ''Are you prepared to meet the truth'' | Innerstrength
Paint The Town Red ''Pt II home is where the hate is'' | Join The Team Player
Path Less Taken ''S/t'' | S/p
Paura ''History bleeds'' | Travolta
Pencilcase ''4 the kids'' | Antagonist
Piece By Piece ''We ve lost it all'' | Malfunction
Piece By Piece NYC ''Live demo'' | S/p
Piecemeal ''Split cd'' | Wonderdrug
Pig Destroyer '''' | Relapse
Pitboss 2k ''Everyone s a winner'' | Iscream
Pledge Alliance ''S/t'' | Impure Musik
Pocket Change ''Golden'' | Resurrection Ad
Point Of Recognition ''Refresh,renew'' | Facedown
Point Of Recognition ''S/t'' | Facedown
Point Of Recognition ''Day of defeat'' | Guideline
Point Of Recognition ''Days of defeat'' | Facedown
Poison The Well ''The opposite of december...a season of separation'' | Goodlife
Pole ''The wind'' | Pateline
Pole ''180'' | Lifeforce
Porterhall ''Everything I know is stolen'' | Dead Serious
Possession ''Art diabolis'' | Throne
Pound For Pound ''For our fallen brothers'' | Sa Mob
Powerhouse ''What lies ahead'' | Resurrection Ad
Premonitions Of War ''Left in kowloon'' | Victory
Primal Age ''The light to purify'' | S/p
Primal Age ''The light to purify'' | Eternalis
Primal Age ''A hell romance'' | Customcore
Proclamation ''Let the truth be told'' | Life Sentence
Proof ''S/t'' | Mad Mob
Prophecy Of Rage ''Wrong in the end'' | Mad Mob
Proud Of Ignorance ''Letters in blood'' | Vienna Style
Proudz ''Rey de reyes'' | Potencial
Proudz ''Ajuste de cuentas'' | Backside
Proudz ''Solo los fuertes'' | Backside
Providence ''Far beyond our depth'' | Rucktion
Providence ''Kings can fall'' | Seven Eight Life
Providence ''Time of grievance'' | Ratel
Provoke ''This is real'' | Pee
Psyke Project ''Samara'' | S/p
Public Disturbance ''Victim of circumstance'' | Days Of Fury
Public Disturbance ''Possessed to hate'' | Retribute
Pulling Teeth ''Martyr immortal'' | Deathwish
Punch Your Face ''White nights and bar fights'' | Last Resort
Purgatory ''Hate and fear'' | S/p
Purification ''1996/2000'' | Sobermind
Purified In Blood ''Last leaves of a poisoned tree'' | New Eden

» Q

Questions ''Life is a fight'' | Seven Eight Life

» R

Racial Abuse ''What mirrors conceal'' | Goodlife
Racial Abuse ''Climb'' | Lost And Found
Rag Men ''Rag men'' | Gangstyle
Raid ''Hands off the animal'' | Victory
Rain ''S/t'' | R.t.m.a.k.t.b
Rain On The Parade ''Body bag'' | Soulforce
Raised Fist ''Watch your step'' | Burning Heart
Rancor ''Distinguish'' | S/p
Rancor ''Distinguish'' | Lifeforce
Ratface ''Demons days'' | S/p
Realign ''Stagnation is death'' | Voice Of Life
Red Angel Dragnet ''Demo'' | Pin
Red Blood Hands ''In the space of seven breaths'' | Riot
Redcore ''Amyao'' | Amalgame
Redline ''S/t'' | Gangstyle
Redline ''Moments of truth'' | Gangstyle
Redline ''A portrait of a mirror image'' | Gangstyle
Redline ''This day'' | S/p
Redsky ''Mpfw'' | Alveran
Redsky ''A move towards ascension'' | 13th Day
Refraining ''Ten years after'' | Heart In Hand
Regression ''Heartless'' | Goodlife
Rejuvenate ''To the extreme'' | Free Spirit
Remembering Never ''God save us'' | Ferret
Renewal ''Repetition breed sinertia'' | Backside
Reply ''A trail of ....'' | Circulation
Reprisal ''Boundless human stupidity'' | Goodlife
Reprisal ''Where heavy gloom dominate'' | Voice Of Life
Reprisal ''Mail order knife set'' | Goodlife
Reprove ''Severed'' | 2 Friends
Restraint ''Pure from blood'' | Dyslexia
Retaliate ''Dead in the eyes of salvation'' | Filled With Hate
Retaliate ''Why we hate'' | Filled With Hate
Revive ''What is your answer?'' | Still Believe
Revive ''Beliefs of an old past'' | I For Us
Right Direction ''To right the wrong'' | Kingfisher
Right Direction ''All of a sudden'' | Lost And Found
Right For Life ''Destroy babylon'' | Siton
Right For Life ''Destroy babylon'' | Straight Up
Rise From Above ''Phoenix'' | District 763
Roodmass ''We re getting closer'' | Ic
Rude ''S/t'' | Division
Ruiner ''Prepare to be let down'' | Bridge 9
Running Like Thieves ''The approval of the crowd'' | Livewire
Rydell ''Hard on the trail'' | Engineer

» S

Sad Origin ''S/t'' | Rpp
Sad Origin ''A double edged sword in a triangle of emotions'' | Genet
Saidwrong ''Standing on the shoulders of'' | S/p
Santa Sangre ''Feast for the new gods'' | Eulogy
Saving Throw ''We're never on good terms'' | Let It Burn
Scarrots ''Peace of sun shine'' | Goodlife
Schizma ''Hardcore enemies'' | Mad Mob
Schizma ''Unity 2000'' | Spook
Second Chance ''Fortune favors the bold'' | Gangstyle
Second Combat ''What inspired us'' | United Front
Security Threat ''The order'' | Fullhouse
Sektor ''Ultimate threat'' | Sobermind
Self Conquest ''Schatten deiner '' | Kerosene
Sentence ''Dominion on evil'' | Darksun
Sentence ''War'' | Goodlife
Set It Straight ''Live your heart and never follow'' | Twelve Gauge
Settle The Score ''S/t'' | Mad Mob
Settle The Score ''Royal flash'' | Mad Mob
Severcore ''S/t'' | S/p
Shai Hulud ''Hearts once nourished w/hope'' | Revelation
Shattered Realm ''Broken ties... spoken lies'' | Alveran
Shattered Realm ''All will suffer'' | Warmachine
Shear ''Heat from the sun'' | Mele Marce
Shed ''Shades of death'' | Lifeforce
Shelter ''Here we go'' | Roadrunner
Shelter ''Eternal'' | Goodlife
Shield ''Built me up'' |
Shikari ''1999-2003'' | Level Plane
Shockwave ''Dominion'' | Goodlife
Shockwave ''Live in poland'' | Alone
Shockwave ''The ultimate doom'' | Triplecrown
Shockwave ''Omega supreme'' | Triplecrown
Shorebreak ''Path of survival'' | Goodlife
Shorebreak ''Demos'' | Bcore
Short Fused ''Tolerated vandalism'' | S/p
Short Fused ''Forget reality'' | Dark Chronicle
Shortage ''The fine line between love & hate'' | Ic
Shortcut ''Join the battle'' | S/p
Shortlife ''S/t'' | Backside
Shortsight ''Could wounds waking'' | Goodlife
Shutdown ''Few and far between'' | Victory
Shutdown ''Youth crew 1995'' | Back Ta Basics
Shutdown ''Turning the tide'' | Sft
Side By Side ''You re only young once'' | Lost And Found
Sideline ''S/t'' | S/p
Silencer 7 ''Directions on a compass'' | Householdname
Silverstein ''When broken is easily fixed'' | Victory
Since The Flood ''Valor and vengeance'' | Ironclad
Sinking Ships ''Disconnecting'' | Revelation
Six Cents ''S/t'' | Watchmen
Six Ft Ditch ''Faces of death'' | Rucktion
Six Reasons To Kill ''Kiss the demon'' | Alveran
Six Reasons To Kill ''Reborn'' | Bastardized
Six Reasons To Kill ''Morphology of fear'' | Bastardized
Sixth Avenue ''Hope is the last to die'' | Winter
Skarhead ''Kings at crime'' | Victory
Skinless '''' | Relapse
Skirmish ''The crooked and the cavalier'' | Engineer
Skycamefalling ''1021'' | Ferret
Slapshot ''Digital warfare'' | Iscream
Slavearc ''Vanquish'' | Screams Of Salvation
Slavearc ''Structural damage in the blueprint of humanity'' | Screams Of Salvation
Slavery ''To sedate agony'' | Misere
Sleeping At Last ''Live at Chicago'' | S/p
Sleeping At Last ''There s a quiet understanding'' | S/p
Slumlords ''S/t'' | Iscream
Smash Your Enemies ''The great midwest trendkill'' | On The Attack
Snapcase ''Energy dome'' | Victory
Snapcase ''End transmission'' | Victory
Snubfighter ''Eight years far'' |
Soldier ''Tras lineas enemigas'' | S/p
Solid ''Total rush'' | Rpp
Somehow Hollow ''Busted wings and rusted halos'' | Victory
Soul Embraced ''Immune'' | Solid State
Soul Embraced ''This is my blood'' | Solid State
Soulstice ''Raze the earth'' | Lifeforce
Southpaw ''Brighter future'' | New Found Hope
Spack ''Face the fact'' | S/p
Special Move ''Dark overlord'' | Householdname
Spider Crew ''A menace ta society'' | Iscream
Spineless ''Painfields'' | Sobermind
Spineless ''A talk between me and the stars'' | Sobermind
Spirit Of Youth ''Colors that bleed'' | Goodlife
Spirit Of Youth ''S/t'' | Goodlife
Spit Ya Teeth ''Shut your mouth'' | S/p
Spitalfield ''Remember right now'' | Victory
Spitfight ''Knife leaving corpse'' | S/p
St Hood ''Sanctified'' | Fullhouse
Stab Back ''Breaking out'' | Shield
Stampin Ground ''A new darkness upon us'' | Century Media
Stampin Ground ''Allied forces'' | Thorp
Stand And Fight ''Together we win'' | Bridge 9
Statecraft ''To celebrate the forlorn seasons'' | Goodlife
Statecraft ''Until the darkness is gone'' | Life Sentence
Statement ''Genocidal justice'' | Green Fight
Stemm ''Further efforts'' | Hessian
Stigmata ''Do unto others'' | Iscream
Stitch ''S/t'' | I And I
Stone Edge ''Pain and pleasure'' | S/p
Stonecold ''Nothing lasts'' | Gangstyle
Stormcore ''In for the kill'' | Mad Mob
Straightfaced ''Pulling teeth'' | Epitaph
Strain ''Here and now'' | New Age
Strange Corner ''Schism'' | Vacation House
Strength For A Reason ''Show and prove'' | Thornz
Strife ''Angermeans'' | Victory
Strife ''One thruth'' | Victory
Strife ''In this defiance'' | Victory
Striker ''Take our strike'' | Samstrong
Strongarm ''The advent of a miracle'' | Tooth And Nail
Stubborn ''Settling of scores'' | Eternalis
Stuck Up ''Declining kingdom'' | Iscream
Submit ''Beginning of the madness'' | Ic
Subsist ''Lessons in brokness'' | Akeldama
Subterfuge ''Our own terms'' | S/p
Subterfuge ''Nobody gets out alive'' | Pride
Subzero ''Happiness without peace'' | Too Damn Hype
Suction ''An image of fragility'' | Incendiary
Suffocate Faster ''Only time will tell'' | Kungfu
Sunday Inn ''As if'' | 2 Friends
Sunrise ''Decontaminate'' | Lifeforce
Sunrise ''Traces to nowhere'' | Lifeforce
Superior ''You can't deny this'' | Cursed
Surface ''Shadows cast by the light'' |
Surface ''To millenium...and beyond'' | Mad Mob
Surge Of Fury ''It s gonna be...'' | Cursed
Sworn Enemy ''As real as it gets'' | Stillborn
Sworn Vengeance ''Domination'' | Battlescared
Sworn Vengeance ''Abbadon'' | S/t

» T

Taiho ''Chugalug'' | Howling Bull
Taken ''And they slept'' | Goodfellow
Tang ''This quietness booms ...'' | Emolution
Tears Eviction ''Once again...draconian decay'' | Customcore
Tears From The Sky ''Demo'' | S/p
Tech 9 ''Devil in the backseat'' | Iscream
Ten Yard Fight ''Hardcore pride'' | Equal Vision
Ten Yard Fight ''Back on track'' | Equal Vision
Tension ''...and at the hour of our death'' | None Of The Above
Tension ''Agent of the people'' | Uprising
Terror ''Lowest of the low'' | Bridge 9
Terror ''Rhythm amongst the chaos'' | Reflections
The Alliance ''In love, in honor, in death'' | Grapes Of Wrath
The August Prophecy ''Five endeavors in self murder'' | Ohev
The Automata ''Through the bandage seeps a whisper'' | Life Sentence
The Blinding Light ''The ascension attempt'' | Deathwish
The Blue Bloods ''S/t'' | Iscream
The Butcher ''Mass destruction manual'' | Gangstyle
The Change ''S/t'' | Fight Fire With Fire
The Dawn ''Loud tunes and furry tales'' | Several Bleeds
The Deal ''S/t'' | Sobermind
The Deal ''Pretty words, better days'' | Sobermind
The Dillinger Escape Plan ''Calculating infinity'' | Relapse
The Red Baron ''S/t'' | Dead Thruth
The Underwater ''Bleed me blue'' | Impression
The Warriors ''Beyond the noise'' | Alveran
The Year Of Our Lord '''' | Lifeforce
Thirdfall ''Pure evil'' | More Romance
Threadbare ''Feeling older faster'' | Doghouse
Through My Eyes ''Blinded by hatred'' | Useless Pride
Throwdown ''S/t'' | S/p
Throwdown ''Do it yourself'' | S/p
Throwdown ''Beyond repair'' | Indecision
Thumbsdown ''Crossroads'' | Genet
Thursday ''Full collapse'' | Victory
Time Has Come ''S/t'' | S/p
Timebomb ''The full wrath of the slave'' | Genet
Timebomb ''The beat is here fellas'' | Cane
Tinta Leal ''Take control'' | S/p
To Kill ''Vultures'' | Gangstyle
To Kill ''When blood turns into stone'' | Gangstyle
To Learn ''No war without tears'' | The Age Of Venus
Together We Fall ''Drowned'' | Rpp
Together We Fall ''Tws'' | S/p
Tonedown ''Berlin - warsaw - moscow'' | District 763
Torn Apart ''The fifty ninth session'' | Ferret
Torn Apart ''Ten songs for the bleeding hearts'' | Goodlife
Torn Asunder ''In painful remembrance'' | Lifeless
Trapped In Life ''Blood and gold'' | Final Beatdown
Trapped In Life ''12 icons'' | Goodlife
Trc ''Destroy and rebuild'' | Rucktion
Treadmill ''S/t'' | 2 Friends
Treadmill ''Stand up for ?'' | 2 Friends
Trial ''Are these our lives ?'' | Equal Vision
Tribal Zone ''Anthology'' |
Triphammer ''S/t'' | Life Sentence
True Valiance ''Expect resistance'' | Rucktion
Try To Win ''All is ullusion'' | Customcore
Turmoil ''Anchor'' | Kingfisher
Turmoil ''The process of'' | Kingfisher
Twelve Tribe ''The rebirth of tragedy'' | Ferret
Twelve Tribes ''Instruments'' | Eulogy
Twenty One Enemy ''Demo'' | S/p

» U

Ultimhate ''In your ass bastard'' | S/p
Unborn ''Truth against the world'' | Lifeforce
Unconquered '''' | Sobermind
Unconquered ''You say moderation, i scream prohibition'' | Life Sentence
Unconquered ''Wall of time'' | Lifeforce
Underground Society ''Dreadful days'' | S/p
Underoath ''Cries of the past'' | Takehold
Underule ''Misfortune comes by '' | Blackfish
Undying ''The whispered lies of angels'' | Goodlife
Unearth ''Endless'' | Alveran
Unearth ''The sting of conscience'' | Eulogy
Unearth ''The oncoming storm'' | Metalblade
Unfit To Life ''Who wants peace he s getting get hurt'' | Disagree
Unfold ''Aeon aony'' | Division
Unfold ''Five'' | Division
Unit 731 ''Res ipsa loquitur'' | Filled With Hate
Unite ''Playing with fire'' | Blackfish
United ''Distorted vision'' | Howling Bull
Unsilent Reign ''The fires of body & mind'' | 20 Deep Prod
Unstable Foundation ''Strength through determination'' | On The Attack
Unsung ''Tetsu'' | S/p
Unsung Zeros ''Moments from mouring'' | Alveran
Until The End ''S/t'' | Equal Vision
Until The End ''The blind leading the lost'' | Alveran
Up Front ''Movement'' | Smorgasbord
Up Front ''S/t'' | Sobermind
Up Front ''Five by seven'' | Smorgasbord
Upheaval ''Testimony to the atrocities'' | Willowtip
Uppercut '''' | Iscream
Upperhand ''Hope for nothing'' | S/p

» V

V/a Abacus Recordings ''Abacus'' | Abacus
V/a Age Of Venus ''Kds crew, rise and fall'' | The Age Of Venus
V/a All Systems Go ''This town has already been bombed'' | All Systems Go
V/a Back Ta Basics ''Down for the core 8'' | Back Ta Basics
V/a Beniihana ''The crossroad project'' | Beniihana
V/a Blackout ''An international hxc compilation'' | Blackout
V/a Blasphemour ''One hell of a compilation'' | Blasphemour
V/a Burning Heart ''Cheap Shots vol 5'' | Burning Heart
V/a Dead Serious ''Summer 04'' | Dead Serious
V/a Deadserious ''Freeware #3'' | Dead Serious
V/a Desperate Fight Records ''Straight edge as fuck compilation'' | Desperate Fight
V/a Exit ''Mindset overhaul'' | Exit
V/a Facedown ''Now the tables have turned'' | Facedown
V/a Fullhouse Records ''Building a legacy 2'' | Fullhouse
V/a Funtime ''Compil 2001/01'' | Funtime
V/a Gangstyle ''Hardcore 2004'' | Gangstyle
V/a Goodlife ''Budget sampler 2'' | Goodlife
V/a Goodlife ''Vol 4'' | Goodlife
V/a Goodlife ''America s hardcore'' | Goodlife
V/a Goodlife ''Summer sampler'' | Goodlife
V/a Goodlife ''The way it is'' | Goodlife
V/a Guideline ''Songs to set hearts on fire'' | Guideline
V/a Householdname ''Evilfest 98'' | Householdname
V/a Householdname ''Ukhc'' | Householdname
V/a Howling Bull ''Faster, pussy...attack!tora!tora!'' | Howling Bull
V/a Iscream ''5 years of blood, sweat & tears'' | Iscream
V/a Iscream ''Still going strong'' | Iscream
V/a Let It Burn - Jttp ''Let it burn vs. Join the teamplayer'' | Let It Burn
V/a Lifeforce ''S/t'' |
V/a Lifeforce ''Summer sampler 2004'' | Lifeforce
V/a Lost And Found ''European hardcore,the way it is'' | Lost And Found
V/a Millipede ''S/t'' | Millipede
V/a Mind Of Resistance ''Hxc compilation'' | Mind Of Resistance
V/a More Romance ''For the love of music'' | More Romance
V/a Nawpost ''Satisfaction guaranteed'' | Nawpost
V/a New Eden ''S/t'' | New Eden
V/A One Voice 1 ''Indonesian hardcore punk attack'' | One Voice
V/A One Voice Records ''Compilation 3'' | One Voice
V/a Overcome ''In this other land'' | Overcome
V/a Overcome ''Sampler #1'' | Overcome
V/a Prosthetic ''Sampler'' | Prosthetic
V/a Purity ''A new approach'' | Purity
V/a Reflection ''1998-2003 labels sampler'' | Reflections
V/a Reflections Records ''Sampler 2006'' | Reflections
V/a Rise ''Paris rising'' | Rise
V/a Ronald Reagan ''2005 label sampler'' | Ronald Reagan
V/a Rucktion ''Time for some #1'' | Rucktion
V/a Side One Dummy ''Atticus dragging the lake'' | Side One Dummy
V/a Spook City ''Covered in blood'' | Spook City
V/a Stand Up #1 ''Da new french hxc generation'' | S/p
V/a Stick To The Core ''When dreams start to hurt'' | Stick To The Core
V/a Tooth And Nail ''Helpless amongst friends vol 2'' | Tooth And Nail
V/a Tribunal Records ''Radio sampler #1-#2'' | Tribunal
V/a Under The Volcano ''Kaos 4-introducing bill'' | Under The Volcano
V/a United Front ''Bonds of old school'' | United Front
V/a Upfront ''Strength through diversity'' | Up Front
V/a Victory ''Style 4'' | Victory
V/a Victory ''Built 4 speed-motorhead tribute'' | Victory
V/a Victory ''Style 2'' | Victory
V/a Victory ''Style 3'' | Victory
V/a Victory ''Only the strong'' | Victory
V/a Vienna Style ''Showin you what 's up'' | Vienna Style
Va Rpp ''The harder they come the harder they fall'' | Rpp
Vale Tudo ''Anything goes'' | Colibri
Vanilla ''Fantastiques'' | Salvation
Vassline ''Permanence'' | Gmc
Verdict ''S/t demo'' | Self True
Verdict ''Constanta'' | Self True
Verse ''Four songs'' | Contrast
Verse ''Aggression'' | Bridge 9
Versus ''El mundo en guerra'' | S/p
Versus ''Trece'' | Outlast
Versus ''Insurreccion'' | Outlast
Vice Dolls ''Die trying'' | Crosscheck
Victims ''S/t'' | Havoc
Vile ''Empire down'' | S/p
Violence Approved ''No free rides'' | District 763
Vision ''Detonate'' | Iscream
Vision Of Disorder ''S/t'' | Roadrunner
Vitality ''Crucial wires'' | Overcome
Vitality ''Bloodline'' | Sobermind
Voice Of Reason ''S/t'' | Stillborn

» W

Waiting For Better Days ''S/t'' | Walked In Line
Wake Up Cold ''Deliver me from evil'' | Inner Rage
Waking Kills The Dream ''Depending on tomorrow'' | Goodlife
Walls Of Jericho ''The bound feed the gagged'' | Trustkill
Walls Of Jericho ''Aal hail the dead'' | Trustkill
War Of Ages ''Pride of the wicked'' | Facedown
War To End Hate '''' |
Warfare ''Songs of pain'' | Spook
Waterdown ''The files you have on me'' | Victory
Weight Of The Crown ''Keep your head up'' | On The Attack
What It Was ''Cold'' | Pateline
What Lies Within ''S/t'' | Goodlife
Wide Awake ''25 song discography'' | Smorgasbord
William ''Tints and shades'' | Lifeforce
Windfall ''Loud with the window open'' | Smorgasbord
Wisdom In Chains ''S/t'' | Gangstyle
Wise Up ''Many ways one direction'' | Life
With One Intent ''Leaving it all behind'' | Rpp
With Open Force ''Lights show me who i am'' | On The Attack
Withdrawn ''Seeds of inhumanity'' | Householdname
Withdrawn ''A certain innate suffering'' | Sure Hand
World Indifference ''S/t'' | S/p
Worlds Collide ''All hope abandon'' | Lost And Found
Worth The Pain ''No rest no peace'' | Turn & Run

» Y

Yage ''3-17 october 1984'' | Nova
Yellow Machine Gun ''Spot remover'' | Howling Bull

» Z

Zao ''A parade of chaos'' | Solid State
Zao ''All else failed'' | Solid State
Zao ''The splinter shards the birth of separation'' | Tooth And Nail


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