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989 KOMBAT "When silence makes you deaf" (cd) pix in the database

Be the silence broken now and here's some brand new stuff for you all. I've been dead busy on working and other stuff last three weeks and barely haven't even touched my computer at all. I've planned lots of interesting shit to be posted and i'm unleashing all the stuff i can when i have enough time.

Belgium has offered hardcore and metal worlds huge amount of quality among the years. One of maybe those older forgotten bands is xKombatx from Hasselt, Belgium. Some of you might know this band because some of them these days play in a band called True Colors, i doubt that you haven't heard of them. Kombat was active some years in early 2000's and their only full-length cd, When Silence Makes You Deaf came out in during 2002 or early in 2003. They put out also some demos and few 7" splits.

Kombat was representing streight edge lifestyle and declared it's message in it's lyrics in quite strong ways. But as you might have expected, Kombat was far from usual straight edge hardcore, they delivered this message through heavier way, putting out some nice metallic beatdown. There's more metallic sounds like All Out War and Morning Again that meets with heavy chugg of older Earth Crisis and Chokehold. As far i've understood Kombat wasn't that much known outside Belgium and Germany, but i'm sure that today there would be fans of this kind of metallic mayhem everywhere in the world. Red line being here that if you love beatdown hardcore or whatever you want to call it, check out Kombat

(killing the legacy - Markus)


1. Stripes of the tiger
2. I dont care
3. Your jihad
4. I still believe
5. Kickstart
6. Scars
7. Please die...
8. The quest
9. One eight seven


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