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1109 REJUVENATE "To the extreme" (cd)

5 songs produced & recorded by Ra(from Profound Effect)in early '96. The old school & new style colliding includes AF & Bad Brains' covers. 7 live tracks recorded live at Coney Island High, NYC on August 12th, 1995.


1. Waiting To Go Off
2. Over the Edge
3. Pay To Cum *
4. To the Extreme
5. Victim in Pain *
6. Look Who It Is

Live tracks:
7. Violent Change
8. I've seen the Light
9. Wall of Ignorance
10. Porcelain King
11. Dissed By You
12. Clutchin For Straws
13. Roots Forgotten

841 DOWNLOW "Slipping from reality" (7) pix in the database


1. Stop and think
2. Keys
3. Better than you
4. No room from hypocrites
5. Slipping from reality


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