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NO INNOCENT VICTIM ''flesh and blood'' | Victory records

no innocent victim NO INNOCENT VICTIM
"Flesh and blood" (cd)

Added: 1999-10-10
Label: Victory records

 Rating: 2.7/5 (28 votes)


» Review:

East Coast style hardcore, really heavy with a lot of fast stuff, on the old school tip. Their sound is reminiscent of early Sick Of It All with a touch of Agnostic Front and a hint of California. In the vein of Disciple. Really good stuff !!!


1. Flesh and Blood
2. C.E.B.
3. My Beliefs
4. Answer To No One
5. Never Face Defeat
6. All Of The color
7. Whitewashed Tomb
8. Till The End
9. As I Fight
10. Tear Us Apart
11. Pushed Aside
12. Death Grip

mp3"To burn again"

no innocent victim"Tipping the scales"
  Label : Victory records

no innocent victim"C.E.B."
  Label : Victory records

no innocent victim"S/t"
  Label : Tolerance records

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