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BURNSIDE ''Vision of serenity'' | Rpp records

burnside BURNSIDE
"Vision of serenity" (mcd)

Added: 1998-10-10
Label: Rpp records


» Review:

BURNSIDE started in November of 1994. The line-up at the time was Mike Vendetti (guitars), Lance Stock (guitars), Arron Haines (bass), Shawn Mclean (drums) and Alex Rivera (vocals). They recorded their first demo (self-titled) in January of 95. Later that year they released their second demo 'Blibis Blobis' after a period of growth. Having more experience and replacing Mike Vendetti with Jon Krell, they self released their third demo in June of 96 'This present darkness'. About a year after the release of that demo, because of differences in the band, Burnside broke up for about 5 months. They always kept in touch and after a new line-up change they released what they called the rebirth of Burnside, a 7" on Gutpunch Records called 'Rebirth' because they were back with a better attitude, better musicians and better songs. A song recorded in 1997 was featured on the South Jersey hardcore comp EP (Gutpunch Records). A song is also featured on the 'Call for unity # 2' comp CD (Back ta Basics). 'Visions of serenity' is the first Burnside CD.

After too fucking long time, i'm finally going to write up about New Jersey's Burnside's only cd release, Visions Of Serenity mcd. I remember noting myself that i should have written something about this shortly after i featured Burnside's Rebirth 7". Those of you who aren't familiar with the band, Burnside was NJ heavy hardcore act, that sounds a bit like mixture of Bulldoze, Five Minute Major and maybe even Terror Zone (Kevone's other band), when thinking about more spiritual lyrical theme on the mcd. Visions Of Serenity was the only cd Burnside would ever got to put out, but it's all solid stuff, a six song record full of that nice old school beatdown sound.

Here's a short quote from my earlier Rebirth 7" post: "NJ's Burnside did release three demos between 1994 and 1996, Self-titled, Blibis Blobis and This Present Darknes, but after the last demo, they broke up for few months because of disagreements inside the band. Hiatus lasted for about five months and after minor line-up changes they got new man helping out to guitar, ready to record their first 7", Rebirth - Jersey Style. This seven inch contained four songs, with a brand new solid lineup going on and Burnside's return was obviously very successfull. Alongside Rebirth 7", they did one track for compilations like, the South Jersey Hardcore Comp. EP (Gutpunch Records) and Call for unity 2. Comp. CD (Back ta Basics). Last of the Burnside line was their one and only ( really phenomenal) Cd, Visions Of Serenity (Release Power Productions (R.P.P))". With that you know some more about Burnside, again. I actually bought South Jersey Hardcore Comp 7" some time ago and Burnside's song off it Frontin' is some nice piece of classic beatdown, too bad i haven't got that USB-turntable yet. But coming back to Visions Of Serenity, mcd features five new songs and How Can I Forgive off Rebirth 7",Gazing Into Tranquility is haunting intro but the real deal starts as soon Betrayed By Humanity kicks in. My personal very favorites off the album are Justice Shall Be Served and already mentioned How Can I Forgive, witch two are probably the best songs Burnside ever made. Burnside remains as one of my favorite New Jersey bands and i'm glad i finally got to write about this album since it's damn difficult to find and is so damn good. (by xMarkusx)


1. Gazing Into Tranquility
2. Betrayed By Humanity
3. Justice Will Be Served
4. Through Blinded Eyes
5. How Can I Forgive
6. Embracing Delirium

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