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POINT OF RECOGNITION ''day of defeat'' | Guideline records

point of recognition POINT OF RECOGNITION
"Day of defeat" (cd)

Added: 2003-03-11
Label: Guideline records

 Rating: 2.4/5 (21 votes)


» Review:

"Day of Defeat" is the hardcore album of 2002 that will crush all previous thoughts and opinions of Southern California's POINT OF RECOGNITION. After going through various member changes, POR have created a record that is sure to be in the top ranks of all heavy records! "Day of Defeat" is the bands third full length release and the first release on Guideline Records, licensed from Facedown Records. They have already played with bands such as: Hatebreed, Poison The Well, Bane, Eighteen Vision, All Out War + plenty more! ** The third highly anticipated full length release from Southern California's finest hardcore band! After recruiting No Innocent Victim / Dodgin' Bullets guitarist Tim Mason, POR have now recorded what is said to be their finest release. Faster and heavier than any of their previous releases, "Day of Defeat" is a must for anyone who is a fan of good brutal hardcore in the vein of Hatebreed and Merauder!

mp3"My first day"

point of recognition"Refresh,renew"
  Label : Facedown records

point of recognition"S/t"
  Label : Facedown records

point of recognition"Days of defeat"
  Label : Facedown records

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