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VA RPP ''the harder they come the harder they fall'' | Rpp records

va rpp VA RPP
"The harder they come the harder they fall" (cd)

Added: 1996-08-09
Label: Rpp records

 Rating: 2.6/5 (22 votes)


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1. Enrage "epiphany"
2. 25 Ta Life "burned by the flames"
3. Cry Of Justice " hate that hate mde"
4. Grapeshot " light from the dead stars"
5. Vision Of Disorder "no regret"
6. Maximum Penalty "brutality" "living in daarkness"
7. One 4 One " i wont lose"
8. Sealed With A Fist " sister pain"
9. Judgement Day NYC "the other half of me" "bearded clam"
10. Indecision " destiny" "Under siege"
11. Congress " conspiracyt of silence"
12. Fury Of Five " out of juridiction"
13. Neglect " horror struck" "always losing"

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