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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
''in the love...''
When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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Blood 4 Blood
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Inner Rage Records


1243 OUTSPOKEN "Spotlight" (cd) pix in the database

The complete discography for one of Orange County's flagship bands of the early 90's. No frills hardcore culled from the days before metal invaded the straight edge scene. Honest, intelligent, meaningful, and minus the all the silly macho bravado. Hardcore as it is meant to be.


1. Spark
2. Shadow
3. Innocent
4. Current
5. Burning
6. Prisoner
7. A Light In The Dark
8. Is Beauty A Crime?
9. Daydream
10. Burning
11. Outside My Window
12. This Human Machine
13. My Heart Still Beats
14. Lifetime
15. Prisoner
16. My Heart Still Beats
17. Daydream
18. Start To Live
19. Survival
20. Assistance
21. Reinforced
22. Own Enemy
23. Someday
24. Blind Leading The Blind
25. Look Beyond
26. Invincible
27. Own Enemy
28. Spoke

1035 ADAMANTIUM "Traditions" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base


1. Forgotten
2. Funeral of silence
3. It dies today
4. The need
5. Ink on paper
6. Who set the rules
7. Defeat the purpose
8. Virus
9. Time is the enemy
10. Fuck you
11. Funeral of silence
12. Re ignition

1034 END TO END "Dedicated to the emotion" (cd)


1. None for all
2. Too bad
3. Stake your faith
4. Nothing done

1033 ADAMANTIUM "From the depths of depression" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base


1. Within a dream
2. Filled with shame
3. Defeat the purpose
4. Picking myself up
5. Goodbye
6. Forgotten
7. This is real
8. Fuck you
9. Burial
10. It dies today

992 ENSIGN "Direction of things to come" (cd) pix in the database


1. Page 32
2. Foundation
3. Day by day
4. Direction of things to come
5. Blueprint
6. Furthest from the middle
7. Where did we go wrong
8. Revolutions end
9. Tomorrow s shadow
10. Tourniquet
11. First, last, only
12. Hold
13. Image

991 THROWDOWN "Beyond repair" (cd) pix in the database


1. No one
2. Falling forward
3. Dont lose sight
4. Slip
5. Power figure
6. Standing tall
7. Sellout
8. Never too old
9. The enemy
10. Laid to rest
11. I will stand
12. As we choke
13. Get sick

953 FINAL WORD "Fools like you" (7) pix in the database mp3 in da base


1. Wrong place, wrong time
2. Something to prove
3. Shut you out
4. On my own
5. No apologies


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