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INTEGRITY ''systems overload'' | Victory records

integrity INTEGRITY
"Systems overload" (cd)

Added: 1995-10-12
Label: Victory records

 Rating: 3.0/5 (37 votes)


» Review:

Integrity's comeback full length and their much talked about return to Victory happened with this release. Metallic hardcore that has gone on to influence a multitude of bands.


1. Incarnate 365
2. No One
3. Systems Overload
4. Armenian Persecution
5. Grace Of The Unholy
6. Forevers Horizon
7. Mediator
8. Salvations Malevolence
9. Fading Away
10. Jimson Isolation
11. The Screams
12. Search For Divinity
13. Unveiled Tomorrows
14. Bonus Track: Over The Edge
15. Bonus Track: Judgement Day
16. Bonus Track: (Intro) Rated X
17. Bonus Track: Conclusions
18. Bonus Track: I Remember
19. Bonus Track: Street Wise
20. Bonus Track: Live It Down

integrity"Humanity is the devil"
  Label : Victory records

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