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WITHDRAWN ''seeds of inhumanity'' | Householdname records

withdrawn WITHDRAWN
"Seeds of inhumanity" (cd)

Added: 1998-05-08
Label: Householdname records

 Rating: 2.0/5 (22 votes)


» Review:

9 tracks from heavy hardcore from the Liverpool vegan straight edge posse.
Leckie from VOORHEES on vocals. Integrity meets Iron Maiden.


1. Your Messiah Incomplete
2. Cries
3. Bloodaxe
4. Tainted
5. Striation
6. Infernal Black Skies
7. Fuelled By Fear
8. Hate Reborn
9. The Seeds Of Inhumanity
10. Incinerate

withdrawn"A certain innate suffering"
  Label : Sure Hand records

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