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Here are Vinyls available for the radioshow. You can request them whenever you want.

Total added : 140

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» A

Absone ''S/t'' | Eye Witness
Acedia ''S/t'' | Coptercrash
All Bets Off ''Two new songs'' | Cynic Squad
All Out War ''Hymns of the apocalypse'' | Trip Machine
All Out War ''Destined to burn'' | Hardway
As I Bleed ''Fire in summer'' | Voice Of Life
As I Bleed ''S/t'' | Voice Of Life
Awkward Thought ''Split release'' | Nawpost

» B

Beneath The Remains '''' |
Billy Club Sandwich ''...hold the bologna'' | Nawpost
Bobby Peru ''S/t'' | 2 Fiends
Brethren ''No regrets'' | Roundhouse

» C

Cast In Fire ''S/t'' | Toystore
Cataract ''War anthems'' | Natural High
Cleanser ''S/t'' | Exit
Comin Correct ''Split release'' | Nawpost
Comin Correct ''Hardcore pride'' | Back Ta Basics
Confusion ''Taste of hate'' | Hardway
Convicted Truth ''Words of expression'' | Envelope
Crosscurrent ''S/t'' | Old World
Culture ''Deforestation'' | Catalyst

» D

D.o.a. ''Triumph of the ignoroids'' | Lady Kinky Karrot
Damnation ''The hangman'' | Lost And Found
Dawn Of Orion ''On broken wings'' | Undecided
Death By Virtue ''S/t'' | Surface
Decontaminate ''S/t'' | Eye Witness
Denied Reality ''S/t'' | Voice Of Life
Denied Reality ''Leviathan'' | Voice Of Life
Device ''S/t'' | Daredevil
Disciple ''Scarab'' | Sa Mob
Disciplinary Action ''S/t'' | Hardway
Disrespect ''Meriadan'' | Lifeforce
Disrespect ''99'' | Crap Chords
District 9 ''Schoolahardknox'' | Sft
Downlow ''Slipping from reality'' | Free Spirit
Drown In Frustration ''Already fallen'' | Pateline
Drowning ''S/t'' | Back Ta Basics
Dusk Within/unsafe/own Decision ''Here we set the first stone'' | Sick Peace

» E

Ecorche ''S/t'' | Sanguine
Empire Falls ''The lines have been drawn'' | Fist Fight
End Of One ''The aftermath'' | Hardway
Endeavor ''Of equality'' | Phyte
Enrage ''Sins of release'' | Tragic Life
Eye Of Judgement ''The war has begun'' | New Eden
Eye To Eye ''Split'' | Back Ta Basics

» F

Fall From Grace ''S/t'' | Pindrop
Fall Of Serenity ''Smoldering doom'' | Eighty Three
Fat Nuts ''Settin it straight'' | Back Ta Basics
Final Word ''Fools like you'' | Indecision
Flitox ''N 1'' | Jungle Hop
Force Of Change ''The bond we share'' | 6131
Foreclosure ''Unfolding thoughts'' | S/p
Forge ''Speed and timing'' | Static
Foundation ''S/t'' | Sanguine
Fragment ''Angels never came'' | Voice Of Life

» G

Godbelow ''S/t'' | Surface
Grievance ''S/t'' | Stonehenge
Groundzero ''Split'' | Back Ta Basics

» H

Hardside ''S/t'' | Daredevil
Hatebreed ''Under the knife'' | Smorgasbord
Holdstrong ''Pursuit in the face of misfortune'' | Pindrop
Holdstrong ''Gaining ground'' | Pindrop
Hoods ''Once again 1996'' | Back Ta Basics
Hoods ''Aces'' | Knives Out

» I

Ill Omen ''S/t'' | Poolside
Implicate ''S/t'' | Penske Material
In My Eyes ''Live in philly'' | Significant
In Reach ''Seize the day'' | Unity Power
Indecision ''Most precious blood church'' | Householdname
Inhuman ''S/t'' | Back Ta Basics
Inner Dam ''Through the eyes of suffering'' | Rpp
Instigate ''Darkside forces'' | S/t
Internal Affairs ''Casualty of the core'' | Malfunction
Intrude ''S/t'' | Voice Of Life

» J

Judgement Day Nyc ''Mind over matter of fact'' | Inner Rage

» K

Karras ''S/t'' | Shogun
King Of Clubz ''Time for grievance'' | On The Attack
Knuckledust ''In yer boat'' | Householdname
Krull ''Anguish'' | New Wave

» L

Last Quiet Time ''Demo'' | S/p
Locked In A Vacancy ''S/t'' | Surface
Losin It ''Danger zone'' | Life To Live

» N

Negate ''S/t'' | Next Sentence
Negative Verdict ''S/t'' | Next Sentence
Neglect ''S/t'' | Exit
Neglect ''En public'' | Diabolic
No Innocent Victim ''C.E.B.'' | Victory
No Redeeming Social Value ''Skinheads rule !!'' | S.f.t
No Submission ''Long island hardcore split'' | Back Ta Basics

» O

Odk Crew ''Old school vs new school'' | Frosbite
Oncle Slam ''First attack'' | Jungle Hop
One For One ''I wont lose'' | Rpp
One Last Sin ''The fall of darkness'' | Inner Rage
Overreact ''S/t'' | Knives Out
Overthrow ''Long island hardcore split'' | Back Ta Basics
Own Decision/dusk Within/unsafe ''Here we set the first stone'' | Sick Peace
Ownfight ''Salva, por siempre en nuestro'' | Backside

» P

Polyglot ''S/t'' | Pindrop
Pound For Pound ''Common crooks'' | Sa Mob
Powerage ''Protest to survive'' | Neg Fx
Prevaricators ''Jihad'' | Neg Fx
Providence ''Time for grievance'' | On The Attack
Providence ''Aces'' | Knives Out
Provider ''Wasteland'' | Life To Live
Psychopunch ''S/t'' | Smorgasbord
Punch The Klown '''' |

» R

Restrain ''S/t'' | Back Ta Basic

» S

Season ''S/t'' | Stonehenge
Shockwave ''Warpath'' | Sa Mob
Show Of Hands ''A new day not forgotten'' | Smorgasbord
Shutdown ''Nothing to prove'' | Victory
Sidekick ''99'' | Crap Chords
Sidewalk ''Time spent'' | Organized Crime
Skycamefalling ''To forever embrace the sun'' | Goodlife
Sludge ! ''S/t'' | S/p
Snap-her ''Nice girls don't play rock&roll'' | Householdname
Snubfighter ''Eight years far'' | Refund
Soar ''S/t'' | Stonehenge
Soar ''S/t'' | Stonehenge
Stampin Ground ''Dawn of night'' | Days Of Fury
Step Aside ''Reaching out'' | Life To Live
Stormcore ''Hardcore pride'' | Back Ta Basics
Submerge ''S/t'' | Shogun
Sum Of All Fears ''1995 sin of anger demo'' | East Coast Empire
Sworn Vengeance ''Destroyer of worlds'' | Cynic Squad
Sylvester Stalline '''' | Bones Brigade

» T

Tears Of Frustration ''No retreat no defeat'' | The Age Of Venus
Tension ''Struggle within'' | Rpp
To Each His Own ''Breaking the mdld'' | Resurrection Ad
Two By Four ''Split'' | Back Ta Basics

» U

Ulcerrhoea/sivilimurha ''S/t'' | S/p
Underground Society ''The other side'' | Hardside
Unsafe/own Decision/dusk Within ''Here we set the first stone'' | Sick Peace

» V

V/a 2 Friends ''North meets south'' | 2 Friends
V/a Neg Fx ''Single ticket to paradise'' | Neg Fx
V/a On My Own Records ''Wake up call'' | On My Own
Vision Of Disorder ''Resurrecting reality'' | Crisis

» W

Wartime Manner ''Split'' | Back Ta Basics
Where It Ends ''Resonate'' | Sa Mob
Windfall ''S/t'' | Smorgasbord


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