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CRISIS NEVER ENDS ''the human encounter with death & desire'' | Burning Season records

crisis never ends CRISIS NEVER ENDS
"The human encounter with death & desire" (cd)

Added: 2003-10-08
Label: Burning Season records

 Rating: 2.2/5 (16 votes)


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It all started in 1997, when a bunch of five guys came together and tried to express theirselves through music.Each of them had a different musical background, containing elements of punk, metal and hardcore.In the beginning the bands name was Pure Ignorance Behind, and the songs sounded like a rough mixture of all these influences. One song tended towards metal, another one towards punk.
After different changes in the line-up they decided to name the band Crisis Never Ends. Their music became more homogeneous within time and can now be described as metal-hardcore with emotional influences.Now the band and its music are a complete unity of what you call a band!! They played several shows with bands like Cataract, Bane, Stigmata, Caliban, Unearth and many more. Their first release was a split 7

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