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KNUCKLEDUST ''london hardcore'' | Days Of Fury records

knuckledust KNUCKLEDUST
"London hardcore" (mcd)

Added: 1997-04-05
Label: Days Of Fury records

 Rating: 2.9/5 (31 votes)


» Review:

London 's hardest !!!!!!


1. Intro
2. Stand up
3. On my own
4. As one
5. Never forget
6. Persevere
7. Stung

mp3"Slash an dignite"

knuckledust"In yer boat"
  Label : Householdname records

knuckledust"Smash tradition"
  Label : Householdname records

knuckledust"Universal struggle"
  Label : Gangstyle records

knuckledust"Promises comfort fools"
  Label : Gangstyle records

knuckledust"Time wont heal this"
  Label : Blackfish records

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Country : U K

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