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Householdname Records



1005 NO COMPROMISE "Life is a whore we cant pay" (cd)


1. Forbidden Meat
2. Immolation Of The Month
3. Straight To The Wall
4. Bastard Crew (Represent My Ass)
5. My Fascist Bitch6 - Backstabbing Game

764 FAT SOCIETY "Illusion s demise" (cd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Holy shit, the french hardcore scene is getting better day by day ! One more confirmed on the bill : Fat Society who are pretty well known since they played at Fury Fest 2003.
The long-awaited full length cd of this awesome 5 piece from Toulouse is finally out.
It wasn't easy to follow their last and excellent Mcd "Through the pain i suffer with a smile", which got positive feedback from most kids.
"Illusion's demise" is simply the best continuation of this assault ! Expect 11 songs of a mix of brutal old to newschool hardcore combined with mosh parts , heavy riffs and sing-a-long. Some guest appearances (3 singers featuring Fred Unfit) on "Everything you want to hear" bring this song efficacy and power, i especially like the o

652 FAT SOCIETY "Through the pain i suffer with a smile" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

13 minutes , c'est un chiffre qui porte bonheur

424 UNFIT TO LIFE "Who wants peace he s getting get hurt" (cd)

1er mini cd pour ce groupe de Marseille. Un mix de oldschool et new school hardcore.

220 INDUST "A quiet place" (cd)

2eme album pour ce groupe de hardcore qui vient de Toulon. Du pur hardcore oldschool avec des plans m


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