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Filled With Hate Records



471 WITHDRAWN "Seeds of inhumanity" (cd) pix in the database

9 tracks from heavy hardcore from the Liverpool vegan straight edge posse.
Leckie from VOORHEES on vocals. Integrity meets Iron Maiden.


1. Your Messiah Incomplete
2. Cries
3. Bloodaxe
4. Tainted
5. Striation
6. Infernal Black Skies
7. Fuelled By Fear
8. Hate Reborn
9. The Seeds Of Inhumanity
10. Incinerate

443 V/A HOUSEHOLDNAME "Ukhc" (cd)

This is it! The compilation that marked the end of a year of meeting new HC kids both in the UK and abroad. Most of the bands were only known to a few kids but they all put in fantastic performances and helped to produce a totally exciting compilation.


1. STAMPIN' GROUND : Second to None
2. FREEBASE : Totally Oblivious
3. UP AGAINST IT : Wont Walk Away
4. AREA EFFECT : Restraint
5. KNUCKLEDUST : Suffering
6. CONSUME : Our World Dies
7. SELF INFLICTED : Blood Related
8. SET AGAINST : Intolerance
9. FLS : Face It
10. NINE BAR : S.I.N.
11. LOCKDOWN : Influenced
13. ASSERT : Assert Yourself
14. IMBALANCE : The Money Trap
15. AREA EFFECT : Passed By
17. KNUCKLEDUST : Lost Sense/Closing In
18. STAMPIN GROUND : By a Thread(INSIDE OUT cover)
20. CONSUME : Turnaround
21. IMBALANCE : Radical Approach
22. UP AGAINST IT : Through your veins
23. SET AGAINST : Mindset
24. SELF INFLICTED : Alone in a Crowd
25. NINE BAR : Pussyo
26. LOCKDOWN : Snap
27. FREEBASE : Smell the sick

442 V/A HOUSEHOLDNAME "Evilfest 98" (cd)

The ultimate document of an amazing european DIY HC event.
Over 70 minutes of live.


1. RESIDENCE (Ireland): No compromise
2. A.W.O.L.(France): Ominous prelude to destruction
3. IMBALANCE(UK): Spouting rhetoric
4. IMBALANCE(UK): Bus ride
6. STAMPIN GROUND(UK): Betrayed by many
7. TRAPPED IN LIFE(France): Child abuse
8. TRAPPED IN LIFE(France): Neglect
9. STORMCORE(France): Back ta beat ya
10. STORMCORE(France): Fear on our path
11. CONGRESS(Belgium): The release
12. CONGRESS(Belgium): Lifting the ban
14. KNUCKLEDUST(UK): Choose to ignore
15. LIAR (Belgium): Battlecries
16. LIAR(Belgium): Invictus
17. KICKBACK(France): Like the worms
18. KICKBACK(France): Ressurect
plus bonus tracks...

Recorded at EvilFest 1998 , London Astoria 2.

374 SPECIAL MOVE "Dark overlord" (mcd) pix in the database

Ncomprisimg hardcore frenzy from the UK. Mix Irate, Knuckledust and DRI and get in the pit.

Formerly Up Against It on the UKHC compilation in 1997 - SPECIAL MOVE formed when they recruited new singer Scott and kicked out with a raging metallic beatdown sound in the SouthEast's consistent hardcore hotbed - Southend.

Pounding riffs and a furious pit are the things you'll remeber when SPECIAL MOVE are mentioned. Currently the underground hc scene's best kept secret!


1. Dark Overlord
2. Pulling Punches
3. Concrete
4. EBD
5. Disease of the Damned

369 SNAP-HER "Nice girls don't play rock&roll" (7)

SNAP HER are the US bad girls who made a name for themselves with their shockstreetpunk. This is a great single for true punks everywhere. Raging full on,down and dirty, including a raucous cover of Rose Tattoo's 'Nice Girls Don't play Rock'n'Roll - exactly!
3 tracks from US bad girl punks includes a Rose Tattoo cover. Ace! Our most sXe single ever, and if you believe that...


1. Methadone Mary
2. Nice Girls (dont play rock'n'roll) - originally by Rose Tattoo
3. Crackpipe Johnny

358 SILENCER 7 "Directions on a compass" (cd)

ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY formed in 1998 as SILENCER 7 with the aim of creating a hardcore sound which was recognisable but not easy to pin down.

With a fast paced, melodic, yet biting hardcore sound reminiscent of bands such as Ignite and Battery. With new school mosh parts, sing-a-longs, and breathtaking melodies played at a breakneck momentum, ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY give off a definate vibe of the early days of hardcore, while pushing music into the 21st century.

Its all here for you on the amazing debut CD "Directions on a Compass", 11 tracks of pure hardcore power, which is a progression from their EP in 1999. Equally at home playing shows at small underground clubs, as filling in numerous supports with Better Than a Thousand, Shelter, Snapcase, Hot Water Music, Reach the Sky, Good Clean Fun and Agnostic Front.

In September 2001 ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY split up, after releasing one further release - a six track CDep on Join the Team Player. The new bands STEEL RULES DIE and SWORN IN formed from the ashes.


1. Wide Eyed
2. Counterbalance
3. Mathematics of Progress
4. Our Time Will Come
5. Avalon
6. The Olympian Technique
7. Walk on Water
8. Bullets Vs You
9. Directions on a Compass
10. Seperate the Grains
11. The Sound of Sunsets on Distant Seas


264 MEDULLA NOCTE "A conversation alone" (cd) pix in the database

Finally unleashed is the power of Medulla Nocte's debut album , and it is more evil than we dared to expect. In little over 30 minutes 'a conversation alone' is a diet of self-loathing, destructive bile served with a sledgehammer of crushing heavy hatecore to accompany. So intense is the experience that you will thank us it is only 9 tracks long.

A colossal and devastating metal album from MEDULLA NOCTE - the most intense UK band of the late 90s. 9 tracks of pummeling power and howling self-loathing. You cannot take this album lightly - even the seemingly light-hearted 'Hooked on Masturbation' will destroy you.

Members of MEDULLA NOCTE can now be found in MURDER ONE.


1. Spat On
2. A Conversation Alone
3. Problem to a Solution
4. Bleed this Illness
5. Choking on Dirt
6. Hooked on Masterbation
7. Don't be a Victim
8. All Our Friends are Dead
9. All that I ask

253 LOCKDOWN "The ldp" (mcd)

Heavy bass driven hardcore and rappy grooves check out this early document of raw talent. Low slung HCgroove ina DOWNSET style. 7 tracks.
The brightest and most ripping voice of teenHC groove, they have refined their style recently and moved on to a more rapmetal sound. Check out the early hardcore rumblings and feel yr face peel.


1. Self
2. Blamed
3. Friend
4. 10 letter hate
5. Random victim
6. Waste of good skin
7. Self (LDP demix)

237 KNUCKLEDUST "Smash tradition" (mcd) pix in the database mp3 in da base

Split with Indecision
A UK/US join HC release. Both theses bands come different sides of the HC map both in sound and geography, but come together to prove the global HC is strong. 5 tracks from Brooklyn's sXe metallers including a cheesy cover of the Cure. Followed by London's old-school boys KD who tear up 4 new songs including a CRASS cover.


1. INDECISION : Making People Apologise For Accusing You Of Things You Actually Did
2. INDECISION : Just like heaven(The Cure)
3. INDECISION : Believe
5. INDECISION : Dream Come True
6. KNUCKLEDUST : Ill vision
7. KNUCKLEDUST : Choose to ignore
8. KNUCKLEDUST : What a shame(Crass)
9. KNUCKLEDUST : One way Forward

First released - April 1998
Re-released with new artwork - March 2000

236 KNUCKLEDUST "In yer boat" (7) pix in the database mp3 in da base

4 tracks from KNUKLEDUST's incendiary performance at the first EVILFEST. Crazy in yor face action. Pierre hardly has the mic as you all pile on to sing the words. 3 original classics and a cover of BULLDOZE's 'the truth'. Limited to 1000 copies. Different tracks from the EVILFEST CD. Low priced too.


1. As One
2. One Way Forward
3. Persevere
4. Truth (Bulldoze)

Recorded live at EvilFest in June, 1998

234 KAFKA "Truths" (mcd) pix in the database

5 new harsh songs of intense hardcore by this Italian band ! bonus tracks.
KAFKA formed in November 1994 from the ashes of various Genoese bands. Their style, at this time was more classic HC/punk, with lyrics inspired by CCCP (an Italian punk band).

In December 1996 they recorded a new demo just called "Kafka", and their style evolved towards new school HC, with more metallic touches. The vocals, music and the general attitude became more aggressive.

BLACK OUT, the first 7", was released in November 1997 - 5 tracks of intense hardcore. Inspired, by Snapcase and Indecision. It is now totally sold out.

After some shows in Italy the band toured Europe and in the spring/summer of 1999 they played in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and again in UK where they've played at the "Evilfest 99" festival.

KAFKA's 5 song MCD "truths" came out in October on Household Name Records and NO! Records in Italy, and they promoted the album in the UK with some shows in late October 99. Expect to see them back again in 2000.


1. Generation of Foolishness/generazione di stupidata
2. Truths/le verita
3. Respect yourself
4. Still days/giorni immobili
5. The cycle of the crab/il cyclo del granchio

217 INDECISION "Smash tradition" (mcd) pix in the database

Split with Knuckledust
A UK/US join HC release. Both theses bands come different sides of the HC map both in sound and geography, but come together to prove the global HC is strong. 5 tracks from Brooklyn's sXe metallers including a cheesy cover of the Cure. Followed by London's old-school boys KD who tear up 4 new songs including a CRASS cover.


1. INDECISION : Making People Apologise For Accusing You Of Things You Actually Did
2. INDECISION : Just like heaven(The Cure)
3. INDECISION : Believe
5. INDECISION : Dream Come True
6. KNUCKLEDUST : Ill vision
7. KNUCKLEDUST : Choose to ignore
8. KNUCKLEDUST : What a shame(Crass)
9. KNUCKLEDUST : One way Forward

First released - April 1998
Re-released with new artwork - March 2000

216 INDECISION "Most precious blood church" (7) pix in the database

As seen on tour with Sick Of It All.
The brutal metal hardcore machine from Brooklyn. 5 harsh new tracks featuring with Negative Approach.

210 IMBALLANCE "Spouting rhetoric" (cd)

Building on the successof their debut seven inch, IMBALANCE are set of to teach, reproach, and downright annoy people with this assured classic. Tunes like metal hardcore will never know. Pile on and get down the front with the amazing punkhardcore band. Punk rock value for money it's over 55 minutes long!


1. Spouting Rhetoric
2. Failing Everytime
3. The Money Trap
4. Crave Social Acceptance
5. Absurdity
6. Heroin
7. Message in a Bottle
8. The Self Fulfilling Prophecy
9. Agitate the Agitator
10. Bus Ride
11. Grafitti
12. Cog in the Machine
13. Mutual Respect
14. Best Initentions
15. Perpetuating Fear and Distrust

205 HHH "Making changes" (cd)

HHH play progressive melodic old school hardcore, an unusual mix of influences creates a diverse and interesting sound, with intelligent lyrics spanning from straight edge to violence in the pit.

HHH formed in August '98 and recorded the first and only release in January 1999. This was originally only going to be a demo tape but positive outlook decided to put it out for us. Tom (now in Nottingham based 'Out For the Count') was the bassist up until May '99 (due to university commitments)and then Jay from Peterborough based 98 High took over.

...well-written positive lyrics about empty words, assholes at shows, and being yourself. This stands out amongst a genre that is pathetically overrun with generic twerps who have jumped on the bandwagon. (WN) Maximum Rock 'n' Roll #214, San Francisco, USA.

The most empowering thing about HHH is their lyrics. I really dig them so much. Dealing with life, the scene and everything in between - with such clarity and dedication. Musically it's a bit old school sounding, early 90's style. Kinda like Judge, Mouthpiece and Breakdown. Like it man! (MH) Fracture #15

Foot to the floor, youth crew style HC ( that DAG NASTY I can hear?) with vocals that are incredibly reminiscent of BOLD...all together now 1,2,3,GO!!! Mass Movement Zine


1. X-Posure
2. Making Changes
3. Six Months
4. Facing Up
5. In the End
6. Day by Day
7. All Just Words
8. Capacity
9. Framework
10. Pitbull

201 HARD TO SWALLOW "Protected by the ejaculation of" (cd)

World-speed record blast beats, dual vocals and tight fast guitars. A recipe for exstacy from any band. Nottingham powerHC merchants HTS are something else. 23 tracks are the first anywhere on CD includes all their vinyl releases plus 11 new tracks and other surprises. and at low price.

HARD TO SWALLOW : Nottingham's powergrindbulldozer is the scariest thing on 6 pairs of lungs. Including members of Underclass, Iron Monkey, 666 Dead, and John Holmes (to name a few) they have traced a path of destruction through UKHC like no other band. This album includes everything released on vinyl(10 tracks) and 11 new tracks up to the start of 1998, plus some rarities, demos and stuff you won't find anywhere else.

12" white vinyl version of the 11 new tracks came out in September 1999. Remastered and sounding like it always should have done with a bass end to blow yr legs off! HARD TO SWALLOW are the most complex and difficult hardcore band to come out of the UK. Taking on all the bands who claim to be influenced by the likes of Rorschach, Born Against, Citizens Arrest and Infest and rendering them also rans. One of the tightest rhythm sections is laced with dual guitar attack and then for added discomfort the dual vocals of Pete and Bloody Kev.

If HARD TO SWALLOW were a US band they'd leading the field. Formed back in the mid 90s,they shot to notoriety for the awesome live assault in many dingy basements up and down the UK, before hooking up for tours with Los Crudos and then Drop Dead. With a few 7" releases on such incredible labels as Flat Earth, Enslaved, Armed with Anger they became the live band to watch out for.

The "Protected by..." album came about in mid 98 just at a time when Jim and Justin were very involved their other band - IRON MONKEY, Gords had begun serious work with JOHN HOLMES (including members of Manfat and Suffer) and Kev and Sean took up tools with ex-Heresy people to form 666 DEAD.

2004 update :

HARD TO SWALLOW split up in 2000. Since then Jim and Justin's band IRON MONKEY went on to make big waves and influence a lot of people. Gords continues with JOHN HOLMES who have just released a new album on Household Name. Kev and Sean's band 666 DEAD also split up, another HTS related band HELVIS continues to play today, and Kev was also in London based hardcore band DEAD INSIDE - amongst numerous side projects.


(* only these tracks appear on the LP version)
1. Melted *
2. Pill blind *
3. Needle Deep *
4. Chain stitch *
5. Truth face down *
6. Distance and difference *
7. Strapped in *
8. What have we become *
9. Plan B *
10. Copy yourself *
11. Rocks that move and grow *
12. Only a glimpse of...
13. Undercurrent
14. Barricade
15. Swimming
16. Action on
17. Thrown
18. Eyespot
19. Stags
20. Dissolves into
21. Dust
22. Monster
23. Hard to Swallow

56 CAPDOWN "Time for change" (mcd)

Totally amazing new ska-HC.
Mixing the Bosstones, Rancid, and H2O and coming out with the new Britpunk sound. Saxpunk frenzy over 5 shoutout tracksfor

55 CAPDOWN "Civil disobedients" (cd)

CAPDOWN notched up nearly 250 gigs in 12 countries in 2000: and with it this explosive young Milton Keynes four piece have found themselves the most name-checked new band for a new generation of punk/hardcore kids across the whole European continent.

Along the way they shared stages and impressed the likes of Less Than Jake, Pennywise, Reel Big Fish, The Lunachicks, King Prawn, Snuff, Cosmic Psychos, The Slackers, The Damned, Madball, Link 80, Against All Authority, Knuckledust, 28 Days and The Toasters amongst a horde of other diverse ska/punk and hardcore acts.

Maintaining a low profile in the UK mainstream press: they have been tearing up the underground press/fanzines, and since the release of their debut album on Household Name Records 'Civil Disobedients' it been hard to avoid their name. Much of the excitement has been generated through the Internet with a host of CAPDOWN fansites starting up with fans and the band communicating direct making for packed gigs. Evidence of their chaotic gigs can seen on the 4 live CD-rom tracks on 2001 Household Name Records Sampler out now

A series of hit and run split singles kept the fans happy while the band completed their hectic touring schedule in 2000. Snatching a day off on their tour with California ska'core stars Link 80 they recorded 2 new tracks each with ace producer John Hannon (Kids Near Water, Hundred Reasons).

Early 2001- CAPDOWN took some time off during which they only did 3 sold out supports to US ska-pop all stars Reel Big Fish.

CAPDOWN returned to the full live arena in March/April with 45 date tour through the UK and Europe, including support to Less Than Jake on their sold out UK tour including a show at London

54 CANVAS "Lost in rock" (cd) pix in the database

Ust once in a while will an album come along which will blow all your previous ideas of what a band can achieve completely out of the water. 'Lost in Rock' is one of those.

The last album recorded by the legendary CANVAS is a tangled and cluastrophic masterpeice. Ranging from extraordinarly tight guitar work with searing metallic voalsw to hige sounscpaes of atomospehrics providing a huge album than defys description or comparision. Take in aspects of noisecore math-rock like Dillinger Escape Plan and Coaloesce and infuse it with techical wizardry, meldics. This is an utterly awesome album that we commend to you. Make your own conclusions, mere words are useless. All contained by the production suss of Dave Chang at Backstage studios.


1. Black Shapes of the Nexus (Mk 2)
2. Hail the Sky
3. Elephant Shoes
4. And into the Long Grass
5. I am Weak Like a Kitten
6. To Spite Her Face
7. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
8. Australopithicine
9. The Mature Artist and the Illuminating Experience
10. The Canvas of Your Love

53 CANVAS "S/t" (mcd) pix in the database

Leeds'sonic metal HC terrorists release the album that puts them alongside IRON MONKEY, CONVERGE. 4 tracks previously due for release on SURE HAND records plus 8 more recordings bringing the CANVAS outpouring up to date. Evil deathcore.

ANVAS were a noiseHCdeathmetal typhoon from Leeds. Gathering up all the tracks which were recorded in the first 2 years of this unique band's existence, including the unrealesed SureHand MCD These recordings have caused a seizmic stir all over Europe and the US. This is such a heavy album that it's gonna squash you flat. Tours and shows with Earth Crisis, Iron Monkey, Converge, Catharsis and Shai Hulud.

CANVAS were and influential and well respected hardcore band while they lasted, they have now moved on to other projects. Andy can be seen in BEECHER, and Karl is now in BORN FROM PAIN.


1. Unworthy of Perfection
2. Misery
3. Last Prayer for Judas
4. Internal Bleeding
5. Unworthy of Perfection (version 6.66)
6. fortyonesixtyonefortythree
7. Lord
8. Inside/Outside

46 BREED 77 "The message" (mcd)

A one-off release from Gilbraltan/London metallers BREED'77 . 3 tracks of biting Pantera style metalwith amazing hook lines. The title tracks has a riff that simply bites your head off. Watch this band take metal by storm !


1. Message
2. Downer
3. A choice has got to be made

21 ASSERT "More than a witness" (cd)

Back with a raging debut album, the uncompromising ASSERT take us into our hateful and discontented world and force us to look hard at what we do with our lives. Hardcore, gambling, the prison system, domestic violence and stupidity are all subjects that ASSERT display for us. Includes remixed versions of the RADIO ORGAN 2 tracks and Thumb and Four Fingers single. 16 tracks.


1. Fraudulently Beneficial
2. Mizery in Rizzerly
3. K.K. Kapitol Punishment
4. Rejection
5. North and South Divide
6. More than a Witness
7. Wolf(Dance of the Misogynist)
8. Violently Blue
9. Assertiveness (should be a way of life)
10. Collective Force
11. So What (CRASS)
12. Somthing Safe in Negativity
13. Confession
14. Comfort the Afflicted
15. Future is Assert
16. Should have listened

Tracks 1-7 Recorded in April 1998 . Tracks 8-12 Recorded August 1997 (tracks 8,9,10 and 12 taken HAUS008). Tracks 13-15 Recorded March 1997 and orginally appeared on the compilation CD ORG Radio 2 with Medulla Nocte, Applecore(now Liberty 37), Cynical Smile, DBH and FLS

20 ASSERT "Left opposition" (cd)

Here we go- the new album from ASSERT, and what an album it is - taking all the cues from the 'More than Witness' album and consolidateding them in one powerful package. Socialism and revolution are the key words while looking at nationalism, globalism and the rise of the right.

A brilliant 30 minute hardcore punk album.


1. Left Opposition
2. Time to Seize
3. Falsification
4. A.T.V.
5. United Colours
6. Welcome to the World
7. Insight (into the situation)
8. Revolution
9. Reds wipe out the Blues
10.Statement of Intent
11.James Byrd JR - 12.K.R.T.D.


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