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  V/a Purity ''a new approach'' | Purity records
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pete moshnone shall be saved
another day6 dtc
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Guerilla Warfare 2
Guerilla Warfare #2

comin correctwindfall
overreactpound for pound
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sedition # 5
sedition # 5

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paper # 17
paper # 17

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awolage of ruin
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Here are Tapes available for the radioshow. You can request them whenever you wish.

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» A

Age Of Ruin ''The opium dead'' | S/p
All Is Suffering ''S/t'' | S/p
Awkward Thought ''S/t'' | S/p
Awol ''A way of life'' | S/p

» B

Break Of Dawn ''S/t'' | S/p

» C

Concrete Warfare ''S/t'' | S/p
Contenders For The Crown ''S/t'' | S/p
Cry For Change ''S/t'' | S/p

» D

Day Of Contempt ''S/t'' | S/p
Dusk Within ''S/t'' | Sick Peace

» F

Full Court Press ''S/t'' | S/p

» G

Godsburn ''S/t'' | S/p

» I

Innate ''S/t'' | S/p

» L

Locked In A Vacancy ''S/t'' | S/p
Loyal 2 None ''8 minutes of hate'' | S/p

» O

One Last Sin ''Cd promo'' | S/p

» P

Providence ''Far beyond our depth'' | Samstrong
Purgatory ''Demo'' | S/p

» R

Rising Sinister ''Victory of death'' | S/p

» S

Sarah ''Herzelomp betek an trec h'' | S/p
Shit Happens ''Silence sucks'' | S/p
Show Of Hands ''S/t'' | S/p
Special Move ''End of level boss'' | S/p

» T

Tied Down ''S/t'' | S/p

» U

Unfound ''S/t'' | S/p


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