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Cast Aside
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Filled With Hate Records



1432 V/A REFLECTIONS RECORDS  "Sampler 2006" (cd)


1. Guns Up "outlive"
2. Panic "rise"
3. Blacklisted "how quickly we forgot"
4. Doomriders "black thunder"
5. Rise And Fall "the void"
6. November Coming Fire "hms blackwater"
7. Dead Hearts "these are our lives"
8. Terror "strike you down"
9. No Turning Back "take your guilt"
10. Good Clean Fun "what corporate rock cant say"

1181 TERROR "Rhythm amongst the chaos" (cd)

Reflections Records. Terror have cemented their status in stone letters as guardians of old school hardcore ethics while winning the pit fervor of the new generation of metal and hardcore fans. "Rhythm Amongst The Chaos" was recorded at drummer Nick Jett's recording studio, Blood Tracks, all in between a full European headlining tour, dates on Monsters Of Mayhem II (Hatebreed, Evergreen Terrace), and a mini east coast run with Madball. It is this drive and desire that has cemented Terror into the hearts of music fans worldwide and made them royalty within the touring front. 4 brandnew songs and an amazing cover from Breakdown's "Kickback".


1. Rhythm amongst the chaos
2. Disconnected
3. Vengeance calls on you
4. Arms of the truth
5. Kickback

665 V/A REFLECTION "1998-2003 labels sampler" (cd)

Reflections records 1998-2003 Sampler is out !!! All school hardcore style are represented on this compilation. Check it out !


1. Count Me Out "southstreet"
2. Terror "lowest of the low"
3. American Nightmare "there s a black hole"
4. Black Widows "black sheep"
5. The Control "martyrs and motherfuckers"
6. Aversion "the urge..."
7. Shark Attack "blood in the water"
8. Committed "the bonds that bridge forever"
9. I Defy "the firing line"
10. Sworn In "stories hollywood never tells"
11. Breathe In "shedding skin"
12. Face Tomorrow "worth the wait"
13. Time In Malta "rekindle"
14. Reaching Forward "i wont deny"
15. Good Clean Fun "you re only punk once"
16. Strecht Arm Strong "i still believe part II"
17. Siren "the struggle goes on"
18. Razor Crusade "IM the last crusade"
19. Better Than A Thousand "in your face"
20. No Turning Back "play my game"
21. The Red Chord "nihilist"
22. Striking Distance "what s best"
23. Kill Your Idols "hardcore circa 2002"


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