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Inner Rage Records



1456 PROUDZ "Solo los fuertes" (cd) pix in the database

Madrid NYHC at its best !!!!


1. Sin tus reglas
2. Cegados
3. Conspiration
4. Marcados pour la miseria
5. Dios bendiga America
6. Solo tu y yo
7. Mi gente
8. Solo los fuertes
9. Vida de dolor
10. Madrid 83

1185 RENEWAL "Repetition breed sinertia" (cd)


1. Dead men cant fly
2. Guilt is a motion factor
3. Selfesteem handicap
4. Gone
5. Inner most need
6. Kaiten
7. Even houses have stories

1014 PROUDZ "Ajuste de cuentas" (cd) pix in the database

Madrid Hardcore at its best !!!


1. Vae victis
2. Holocausto hardcore
3. De entre las lamas
4. La 6 replica
5. Muerto y enterrado
6. Sin remission
7. Sobreviven
8. Su ultimo aliento
9. A cualquier precio
10. No hay empromiso
11. Here to stay
12. Ajuste de cuentas

914 SHORTLIFE "S/t" (cd) pix in the database


1. Lazos de amistad
2. Merece la pena
3. Mas facil
4. Mi vida
5. No quiero cambiar
6. Perdito
7. Tu mismo
8. Dime por qu

876 DA SECT "Borough heavyweights" (mcd)


1. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
2. x Da sect x
3. Lost commitments
4. Mastha o no mercy
5. Beatdown * Bulldoze

309 OWNFIGHT "Punto de no retorno" (cd) pix in the database

308 OWNFIGHT "Salva, por siempre en nuestro" (7) pix in the database

Including 3 unreleased songs.
Their most brutal release so far mixing the best of All Out War, Hatebreed and Merauder. Limited and numbered edition of 500 copies all of them on white vinyl.

307 OWNFIGHT "El tiempo y la esperanza" (cd) pix in the database

Metal hardcore at its best from Spain. Some Slayer hints .
Very good stuff.


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