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NONE SHALL BE SAVED ''those days are gone'' | Customcore records

none shall be saved NONE SHALL BE SAVED
"Those days are gone" (cd)

Added: 2005-11-07
Label: Customcore records

 Rating: 2.7/5 (23 votes)


» Review:

Follow up their pretty good "Knowledge is the key...", French south fellaz None Shall Be Saved are back at it again. Their new stuff is kind of the same sound as before, a great blend of Old school and Newschool Hardcore, singer switching perfectly both style. No evolution, no regression, it 's typical music what you can expect for if you are into NSBS. One of the unmissable act of the french south coast. Marseille is rising over the top.


1. Beyond the disguise of good
2. Underneath the truth
3. Death and rebirth
4. Faceless friend
5. Payback
6. Can you hear
7. None shall be saved
8. Our values
9. Requiem for my dream
10. Enemies
11. Breathe of life
12. ... Hides the soul of the devil

mp3"None shall be saved"

none shall be saved"Choose your side"
  Label : S/p records

none shall be saved"Knowledge is the key"
  Label : Customcore records

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Hits : 2740
Country : France

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