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Dew Scented
''issue vi''
Born From Pain
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When Freedom Dies
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Cast Aside
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Inner Rage Records


1462 TRIBAL ZONE "Anthology" (cd)

Anthology 06-93 / 12-97
91 hardcore


1. The judge and the jury
2. Green core
3. Betrayed
4. Past & future
5. Sairy tales
6. Tough man
7. Progress
8. Spirit of buddha
9. Real power is inside us
10. Tribal zone
11. No hope, no hate
12. My life
13. Right or wrong
14. Difference (with Seekers Of The Truth)
15. Legitime demence
16. Le boucher de ces dames
17. Tribal zone
18. Albert
19. SMD
20. Hold-up
21. Le boucher de ces dames
22. Une voix
23. Past and futur
24. Right or wrong
25. My life ACAB
26. The judge and the jury
27. Tribal zone
28. Difference

1459 FULL IN YOUR FACE "Everytime the storm" (cd)

Marseille Hardcore, FRANCE
Released in 2004


1. Hooligan
2. Bloody music
3. Fight the king
4. Everytime the storm
5. Iron mind

1246 MY OWN VICTIM "S/t" (cd) pix in the database


1. Push back
2. Burning inside
3. One day
4. To become one
5. Guilt trip
6. On and on

1245 MY OWN VICTIM "No voice no right no freedom" (cd) pix in the database


1. Unjustified
2. What Do You Live For
3. Ready To Explode
4. One More Step Above
5. Make A Change
6. Walls Apart
7. Slave
8. Cornered
9. Colorblind
10. From The Bottom
11. No Regret

1192 NUEVA ETICA "La vengenza de los justos" (cd) pix in the database

Vegan metallic hardcore from Argentina


1. intro
2. El Oponente
3. La Amenaza
4. La Marcha Dem Honor
5. Rechazar y Confrontar
6. La Vengenza de los justos

997 BENEATH THE REMAINS "" (7) pix in the database

996 PUNCH THE KLOWN "" (7)

783 ENVY "All the footprint..." (cd) pix in the database

Awesome band from Japan. Envy knew to define its own style. Intense emotionnal hardcore that make you in tears.


1. Zero
2. Farwell to words
3. Lies, and release from silence
4. Left hand
5. A cradle of arguments and anxiousness
6. Mystery and peace
7. Invisible thread
8. The spiral manipulation
9. A cage it falls into
10. The light of my footprints
11. Your shoes and the world to come


492 DEGRADATION "" (cd)

11 Songs of hard-knocking and explosive old school orientated hardcore, some melody and well written structured songs are giving this release an own and mature sound for sure.

490 LOVE IS RED "" (cd) pix in the database

467 WAR TO END HATE "" (mcd)

447 V/A LIFEFORCE "S/t" (cd)

394 SURFACE "Shadows cast by the light" (mcd) pix in the database

370 SNUBFIGHTER "Eight years far" (cd)

352 SHIELD "Built me up" (mcd)

295 ONE FOR ONE "Seven year cicada" (cd)

271 NARCISSUS "...and forthwith came out blood" (cd)

240 KOMBAT / CAST IN FIRE "" (cd)


34 BACKFIRE "Choose my own path" (mcd)



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