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POWERAGE ''protest to survive'' | Neg Fx records

powerage POWERAGE
"Protest to survive" (7)

Added: 2013-07-18
Label: Neg Fx records

 Rating: 2.2/5 (15 votes)


» Review:

Political punk hardcore band from Durban, South of Africa.
POWERAGE released this EP in 1985 on a french label, when South Africa was still a bloody racist state. When I was very young still, I started protesting against the Apartheid state and the close business and military connections between South Africa and Switzerland. Making posters, boycotting South African products, picketing in front of swiss banks that dealt with the regime and so on. If anybody would have told me back then that one day Nelson Mandela would not only be free but president of the country, I wouldnít have believed it. It seemed as improbable as the racist state seems itself unreal, now, in retrospective. I had never heard any Punk or Metal from South Africa until in late 1985, when this EP was released. I never cared too much about the music, honestly, it was always just reason enough to deeply respect POWERAGE for the fact that they spoke out against Apartheid. And that such a band had its name from my favorite AC/DC album, as stated on the 7" sleeve.
"Stop Apartheid" is the song I like the least on here. "Death Dance" and "Freedom" are very expressive and atmospheric numbers and "Adapt or die" is a pretty memorable song too.
Prior to this, POWERAGE had selfproduced a two track 7" in 1983 . Iíve never seen this 7? and Iíd love to find me a copy. Let me know if you can help. Not too long ago (maybe in the early 90s), there was a POWERAGE live album, packed with info material and what not. Iím sure that I have it somewhere, but I canít find it at the moment


1. Stop apartheid
2. Death dance

3. Adapt or die
4. Freedom

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