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SNAP-HER ''nice girls don't play rock&roll'' | Householdname records

snap-her SNAP-HER
"Nice girls don't play rock&roll" (7)

Added: 1998-06-07
Label: Householdname records

 Rating: 2.5/5 (19 votes)


» Review:

SNAP HER are the US bad girls who made a name for themselves with their shockstreetpunk. This is a great single for true punks everywhere. Raging full on,down and dirty, including a raucous cover of Rose Tattoo's 'Nice Girls Don't play Rock'n'Roll - exactly!
3 tracks from US bad girl punks includes a Rose Tattoo cover. Ace! Our most sXe single ever, and if you believe that...


1. Methadone Mary
2. Nice Girls (dont play rock'n'roll) - originally by Rose Tattoo
3. Crackpipe Johnny

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