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KNUCKLEDUST | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"In yer boat"
(Householdname rds)
"Smash tradition"
(Householdname rds)
"Universal struggle"
(Gangstyle rds)
"Promises comfort fools"
(Gangstyle rds)
"London hardcore"
(Days Of Fury rds)
"Time wont heal this"
(Blackfish rds)

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» Biography

KNUCKLEDUST born in east London summer of '96, when Ray Nick and Wema contacted Pierre from north west London to join on vocals. The reason, to support London hardcore.
Writing their first song 'persevere' and covering the east London boys original 3piece band Mental Torment to record the London hardcore demo.
Recorded at St. Marks community centre in the Beckton housing district in East London, on a second hand 4track by themselves, while starting to establish themselves as a brutal in your face live band.
Together with Stampin

» Country : U K
» Hit profil : 3125

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