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ALTERKATION ''Heaven hath no fury'' | S/p records

alterkation ALTERKATION
"Heaven hath no fury" (cd)

Added: 1999-05-05
Label: selfproduced stuff


» Review:

Wow, this really is the discovery of the month! Alterkation play some of the loudest hardcore heard on this side of the coast... reminds me of a cross between a tuned down Earth Crisis and a meaner Hatebreed (can you imagine that?) Obviously, the Alterkation guys have spent a lot of time in perfecting their harmonies... they're always tight and heavy. Drum beats are mostly slow to mid-tempo, although some grind parts are integrated into the listening experience at a later point on the album... and they are very nice! There's also a lot of tough guy attitude felt at all time, now I'm not saying that's always a good thing, but it just so perfectly suits Alterkation... in any case, this is not an album for the faint of heart of the emo-bowl-cuts out there. Hey, notice how the album cover sports the same skull graphic as the one I used for my "back" button? Nice try, guys. Alternate Review: I really had to go at Dr. Disc to find this one. I'd personnally call it a piece of collection. How many bands had a sound that heavy in 1998? If I had to describe that record in a word, it would probably be RAW. Just listen to the vocals and you'll see what I'm talking about. Almost sounds like he's about to spill his guts out just for us. Now, it's important that you keep in mind the year it's been done. Ok. So basically, it's 8 songs packed with heavy stuff, solos to even heavier stuff covered with either deep deep or high pitched vocals. A few enjoyable sing along parts, like on "drowning in my own blood", makes the cd easier to go through. The whole generally goes on slowly with an average recording quality. Guitar solos Godbelow and Integrity style between breakdowns if you know what I mean. The lyrics have been the biggest let down though. Makes me wish I had heard them when it came out because it's nothing new now (maybe was it then). I guess that's the way it worked back in the days. Worth a moment of your attention. DIY - 1999 .

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