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"Heaven hath no fury"
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Alterkation was formed in September of 1995 by three friends and a fourth member that would sing. With their first singer Alterkation would release their first demo, Judgement, and enter ther Hardcore/Metal underground. In October of 1996 Alterkation enlisted another singer to replace the first. At this time the band went into the studio to record a CD. This CD was released in part as the Behind It All demo. In January of 1998 Alterkation was once again without a singer. Then in February 1998 the third and current singer to join the trio was Nick. With this background and influences in Hardcore, Deathmetal, 80's cock rock, and Metal he added the missing element in Alterkation. Their new line-up and renewed drive helped the band take a strong hold of New Jersey's heavy underground. Nick has brought the band full circle, adding the vocals that complemented the rest of the bands heavy music. After Nick had been with the band for 2 months Alterkation went into studio to record a full length CD. The band was able to write 2 new songs and combined them with 6 old ones to give you the 8 song full length Heaven Hath No Fury, released July 1998.
Growing up on metal, rap, jazz, classical, and old school hardcore, Babish, Phil, and Lance went thru many changes both in singers and musically, even before the three formed Alterkation. The bands goal was always to be the heaviest they could while combining good song structure and catchy choruses, which to date is the case. The current line-up is Nick-vocals, Lance-guitar, Phil-bass, Babish-drums. Each member adds a very different aspect to Alterkation. Babish's hard hitting drumbeats and fast double bass setit off into heavy breakdowns while Lance thick guitar riffs rip thru the song until he shreds a metal solo right thru you. Phil is right there with his deep bass chugging along then busting out a few tapping solo like parts while his backin vocals contrast Nick's wild style of Death, Hardcore and Metal perfectly.
In the short time Nick has been in the band (February 1998) Alterkation has played more shows in a year than they did previously with both past singers. The band has been up and down the East Cost and all the way out to Chicago with the CD they put out in July 1998! The band is hard at work promoting themselves and the shows they play.

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