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HARD TO SWALLOW ''Protected by the ejaculation of'' | Householdname records

hard to swallow HARD TO SWALLOW
"Protected by the ejaculation of" (cd)

Added: 1998-08-07
Label: Householdname records


» Review:

World-speed record blast beats, dual vocals and tight fast guitars. A recipe for exstacy from any band. Nottingham powerHC merchants HTS are something else. 23 tracks are the first anywhere on CD includes all their vinyl releases plus 11 new tracks and other surprises. and at low price.

HARD TO SWALLOW : Nottingham's powergrindbulldozer is the scariest thing on 6 pairs of lungs. Including members of Underclass, Iron Monkey, 666 Dead, and John Holmes (to name a few) they have traced a path of destruction through UKHC like no other band. This album includes everything released on vinyl(10 tracks) and 11 new tracks up to the start of 1998, plus some rarities, demos and stuff you won't find anywhere else.

12" white vinyl version of the 11 new tracks came out in September 1999. Remastered and sounding like it always should have done with a bass end to blow yr legs off! HARD TO SWALLOW are the most complex and difficult hardcore band to come out of the UK. Taking on all the bands who claim to be influenced by the likes of Rorschach, Born Against, Citizens Arrest and Infest and rendering them also rans. One of the tightest rhythm sections is laced with dual guitar attack and then for added discomfort the dual vocals of Pete and Bloody Kev.

If HARD TO SWALLOW were a US band they'd leading the field. Formed back in the mid 90s,they shot to notoriety for the awesome live assault in many dingy basements up and down the UK, before hooking up for tours with Los Crudos and then Drop Dead. With a few 7" releases on such incredible labels as Flat Earth, Enslaved, Armed with Anger they became the live band to watch out for.

The "Protected by..." album came about in mid 98 just at a time when Jim and Justin were very involved their other band - IRON MONKEY, Gords had begun serious work with JOHN HOLMES (including members of Manfat and Suffer) and Kev and Sean took up tools with ex-Heresy people to form 666 DEAD.

2004 update :

HARD TO SWALLOW split up in 2000. Since then Jim and Justin's band IRON MONKEY went on to make big waves and influence a lot of people. Gords continues with JOHN HOLMES who have just released a new album on Household Name. Kev and Sean's band 666 DEAD also split up, another HTS related band HELVIS continues to play today, and Kev was also in London based hardcore band DEAD INSIDE - amongst numerous side projects.


(* only these tracks appear on the LP version)
1. Melted *
2. Pill blind *
3. Needle Deep *
4. Chain stitch *
5. Truth face down *
6. Distance and difference *
7. Strapped in *
8. What have we become *
9. Plan B *
10. Copy yourself *
11. Rocks that move and grow *
12. Only a glimpse of...
13. Undercurrent
14. Barricade
15. Swimming
16. Action on
17. Thrown
18. Eyespot
19. Stags
20. Dissolves into
21. Dust
22. Monster
23. Hard to Swallow

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