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PROVIDENCE ''far beyond our depth'' | Samstrong records

providence PROVIDENCE
"Far beyond our depth" (tape)

Added: 2013-07-18
Label: Samstrong records

 Rating: 3.0/5 (25 votes)


» Review:

The cassette tape version of the " Far Beyond Our Depth" mcd released by Rucktion records in 2009.
100 limited tapes + full color booklet released by Samstrong records from Indonesia. (No Turning Back, Nine Eleven...)


1. Introblivion
2. Swim and sink
3. Cloverleaf
4. Tentacles of evilution
5. With broken wings
6. x After the cross x
7. This is filthy Paris

mp3"Turn the tide"

Providence"Time for grievance"
  Label : On The Attack records

providence"Turn the tide"
  Label : Knives Out records

Providence"Far beyond our depth"
  Label : Rucktion records

providence"Kings can fall"
  Label : Seven Eight Life records

providence"Time of grievance"
  Label : Ratel records

  Label : Knives Out records

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Hits : 1883
Country : France

Website :

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