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MEDULLA NOCTE ''a conversation alone'' | Householdname records

medulla nocte MEDULLA NOCTE
"A conversation alone" (cd)

Added: 1998-08-08
Label: Householdname records

 Rating: 2.5/5 (21 votes)


» Review:

Finally unleashed is the power of Medulla Nocte's debut album , and it is more evil than we dared to expect. In little over 30 minutes 'a conversation alone' is a diet of self-loathing, destructive bile served with a sledgehammer of crushing heavy hatecore to accompany. So intense is the experience that you will thank us it is only 9 tracks long.

A colossal and devastating metal album from MEDULLA NOCTE - the most intense UK band of the late 90s. 9 tracks of pummeling power and howling self-loathing. You cannot take this album lightly - even the seemingly light-hearted 'Hooked on Masturbation' will destroy you.

Members of MEDULLA NOCTE can now be found in MURDER ONE.


1. Spat On
2. A Conversation Alone
3. Problem to a Solution
4. Bleed this Illness
5. Choking on Dirt
6. Hooked on Masterbation
7. Don't be a Victim
8. All Our Friends are Dead
9. All that I ask

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