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ONE FIFTH ''s/t'' | Indianola records

one fifth ONE FIFTH
"S/t" (cd)

Added: 2001-10-08
Label: Indianola records

 Rating: 2.6/5 (19 votes)


» Review:

Split with Evergreen Terrace


1. Evergreen Terrace - Blue Eyes, Black Heart
2. Evergreen Terrace - Burned Alive by Time
3. Evergreen Terrace - Cut Down To oblivion
4. Evergreen Terrace - Bitter Ending
5. XOne FifthX - XHey Tallahassee I Think You Dropped Something
6. XOne FifthX - Can Adam See Your Boobies?
7. XOne FifthX - Four Door Killer
8. XOne FifthX - Put Another Quarter In The Jukebox Baby
9. XOne FifthX - The Shit Hit The Fan

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