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Since 1991

714 WAKE UP COLD "Deliver me from evil" (cd) mp3 in da base

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore Wake Up Cold, je vous donne indice : JR Glass, qui n'est autre que le chanteur du groupe Next Step Up qui se retrouve là aussi en position de frontman; donc vous savez à quoi vous devez vous attendre.
Produit par KEN OLDEN ( Battery, Damnation AD ) "Deliver me from evil" succède dignement à "Rise From The Ash" sorti en 2000 sur Gain Ground Records (All Out War). Edité sur le célèbre label parisien Inner Rage Records ( 5 Minute Major, Fury Of V ) pour l'Europe, ce nouvel album de Wake Up Cold est tout bonnement sur puissant.
12 titres dévastateurs mixant savamment Eastcoast Hardcore et Metal. font de cet album un incontournable pour 2003. On y retrouve la recette habituelle : mid tempo, mosh, et même solo de guitare sur certains titres.
Un artwork de qualité réalisé par Dave Quiggle ( Shockwave, Dodgin Bullet ) vient chaperonner le tout.
"Deliver me from evil" laisse présager que du bon pour Wake Up Cold pour 2004 !!!!

For those who still don't know Wake Up Cold, i'll give you a few clues : JR Glass, who is none other than the singer of the band Next Step Up is in this band the frontman aswell; so you know what you are going to get.
Porduced by KEN OLDEN ( Battery, Damnation AD ) "Deliver me from evil" succeeds greatly to "Rise From The Ash" released in 2000 by Gian Ground Records (All Out War).
Edited by the famous parisian label Inner Rage Records ( 5 Minute Major, Fury Of V ) for Europe, this new Wake Up Cold album is simply powerful. 12 devastating titles, intelligently mixing Eastcoast Hardcore and Metal, make of this album a "must have" for 2003. You will find here the usual stuff : mid tempo, mosh and even guitar solos on a few titles.
A quality artwork realised by Dave Quiggle ( Shockwave, Dodgin Bullet ) come to overcover all of this.
"Deliver me from evil" lets us believe only good stuff for Wake Up Cold for 2004 !!!!

610 FURY OF FIVE "Telling it like it is !!!" (mcd) pix in the database

A title track never have been more explicit than this one. This record capture the essence of what was FURY OF FIVE before they hit the world on tour and released 3 devastating full albums on labels like Gain Ground, Kingfisher or Victory Records. One of the hardest band ever, you'd better believe it. Here there’s no gimmicks, no jokes just truth: FURY OF FIVE is 100% REAL. 16 minutes of intense electric execution. 4 tracks including 1 bonus song. All digitally remastered, new packaging.

176 FIVE MINUTE MAJOR "When it ends" (cd)  pix in the database

5 Minute Major comes from Astoria, Queens, in NY. The place that already gave us bands like Cold Front, Crown Of Thornz. Since people always need references I guess the band represent perfectly where they come from, the music is hit real hard but with great guitar melodies that make them special. That should give you an idea of the great band 5 Minute Major is.


4-way split CD that comes with the best from Europa and East Coast US. A really straight up brutal hardcore release featuring brand new songs from these champs! Check them out now.

32 DARE TO DEFY "s/t" (ep)

Some of the early stuff from Philly kings of metalcore. Heavy, pissed-off, angry, just the way it was and still should be. Bands like Killing Time or Sheer Terror come to mind. Released in 1991.

32 TEST OF TIME "Refugee" (ep)

In the great tradition of Connecticut hardcore comes Test Of Time. Powerful hardcore with a little emo feel and melody yet still hard and groovy. Could have been bigger if they didn't broke up. Released in 1992.

32 KICKBACK "No one gets out alive" (ep)

Well, everybody must have heard of french biggest hardcore act through their CD releases. This now long time out of print was a good taste of their early days. The style here was a bit less metal and little rawer. Released in 1992.

32 SUBJUGATOR "s/t" (ep)

Another band that was showing lotsa promises. Metal and hardcore mixed the right way. Think Biohazard meets Slayer. Get the picture ? Be sure to get your hands on that goody. Released in 1993.

32 GARDEN OF SILENCE "s/t" (ep)

This is the band of current members of Drowning. Nothing hardcore here, just doom/death metal and really talented. References would be like between At The Gates and doom stuff like Solitude or St Vitus. Released in 1993.

32 JUDGEMENT DAY NYC "Mind over matter of fact" (ep)

Brooklyn, NY based band playing hardcore with some hip-hopish vocal style. The band featured members that played in Confusion or Merauder and were featured in the famous East Coast Assault comp. with Life Of Agony, Dmize, Merauder, Next Step Up to name a few. Released in 1994.

32 STARKWEATHER "The divine art" (ep)

A real classic here. These one went where none before, deep in emotions like love, anger, sickness. The best way to describe it is just feelings put into music : melody, violence and brutality mixed together. Released in 1994.

32 OVERCAST "Stirring the killer" (ep)

The release that put the self proclaimed Boston devilcore on the map. They really defined their style with this 7". A bit influenced by Starkweather but really done in a personal way. This was a proof of how talented their were before becoming the influencial band that everybody knows. Released in 1995.

32 V/A Inner Rage "Harder they come, harder they fall" (cd)

An example of what '96 had to offer. This coreleased 17 tracks CD featured mostly unreleased from Vision Of Disorder, 25 Ta Life, Fury Of Five, Neglect, One 4 One, Maximum Penalty, Judgement Day NYC, Indecision and many more... Released in 1996.

32 V/A FURY OF FIVE "Telling it like it is" (ep)

A masterpiece in the Inner Rage Records collection : three songs of an amazing raw hatecore. Sold out in a few weeks, the audience has shown interest in a immeasurably talented outfit, one of the best by now since then... Released in 1996.

32 KRUTCH / STORMCORE "s/t" (ep)

A few months before delivering their own cd release, Krutch and Stormcore united here. Original band from PA vs. the leaders of french metallic hardcore in the mid 90's. Released in 1997.

32 ONE LAST SIN "The fall of darkness" (ep)

Maybe the darkest ever produced stuff ! One Last Sin managed to create their own sound with a lot of death metal influences into extremely agressive NYHC. That's why they're labeled as deathcore, in the vein of All Out War, End Of One. Released in 1998.


Rise Records est un label formé en 1998 et dédié au Hardcore (ainsi qu'à la Oi) Le but est de développer la scène HxC en produisant des groupes (de la old school à la new schoool) et en organisant des concerts. La démarche avec le Hardcore se veut aussi sociale et politique. Le Hardcore n'étant pas seulement synomyme de musique, mais aussi, et peut être bien surtout, de contestation social.

Website : Rise Records

455 V/A RISE "Paris rising" (cd)

First hardcore comp of Paris Featuring :
Twilight Zone, Cross Breed, Hardside, Covenant, Crime In Hell, Negative Verdict, Toxic Blast, Knockoutz, One Must Fall, Slavery, Ingreed and Vile.
The very first compilation dedicated to the Paris area HxC scene. 12 bands, 20 songs.

From the old school to the new school metal, evry trend is represented on this CD.

The only compilation which gives a real and complete view of what's going on in Paris.

20 tracks.



Website : Knives Out Records

455 EXCESSIVE FORCE "In Your Blood" (cd)


20 tracks.


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