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FIVE MINUTE MAJOR | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Five Minute Major
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five minute major
"When it ends"
(Inner Rage rds)

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Amongst the 5 NY boroughs, Queens have always been an active popular hardcore place in the NY scene HC (MURPHY'S LAW, OUTBURST, BREAKDOWN, FIT OF ANGER, KRAUT, URBAN WASTE) but at the present time Queens is coming back with a bullet with such bands as SWORN ENEMY, COLD FRONT, EVERYBODY GETS HURT, ONE SECOND THOUGHT, NRSV, H20 and now FIVE MINUTE MAJOR. Not exactly newcomers, FIVE MINUTE MAJOR is the remants of INSIDE JOB, with Kevin Q. from Fat Cat Tattoos shop (a reference in NYC) on vox !!! Established in the heart of Astoria, NYC in 1997, FIVE MINUTE MAJOR (co-founders of the hockeycore craze) made a name for themselves right from the start : their first show was an opening act of the well-known SHUTDOWN in late '98 !!!

It's not amazing then that their first studio effort has been described as the most promising stuff of that time. However, their first demotape has been recorded in only a short period of time with Mike Dijan, the highly acclaimed producer of the NYHC scene (SWORN ENEMY, DOWN LOW, COLD FRONT, BREAKDOWN, EVERYBODY GETS HURT, DISTANCE) being considered as the guiding light of the project !!! A heavy, aggressive demotape with just the right amount of harmony thrown in (like CROWN OF THORNZ) making this band very poignant in their live performances. And the song Value The Time became quickly an anthem !!!

To promote their stuff, FIVE MINUTE MAJOR played at many venues throughout NYC, including Coney Island High, The Continental Divide, Deja One, Tramps, and the now well known Castle Heights, sharing bills with such legends as MURPHY'S LAW, AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, LEEWAY, FIT OF ANGER or newer sensations like ALL OUT WAR, 25 TA LIFE, SHUTDOWN, NO INNOCENT VICTIM, INHUMAN, NRSV, EGH, SWORN ENEMY, BILLY CLUB SANDWICH and many many other hardcore bands in and around the New York scene. Judging from their live performances, the band seriously seemed to be enjoying themselves and that explains their popularity in their area !

In early 2000, after successfull demo sales in Europe and Japan, FIVE MINUTE MAJOR headed into the studio to start work on their debut CD When It Ends and for a compilation song for Triple Crown Records. FIVE MINUTE MAJOR surrounded theirselves with professionnal guys like Kevin (ex-saxplayer of Mighty Mighty Bosstones) and of course Mike Dijan. And to complete all that, some line-up changes have occurred with the coming of ONE SECOND THOUGHT and DISTANCE members.

Their debut full-length should definately blow everyone away. A fast hardcore that still has a lot of crunch in it, while always throwing in a breakdown at just the right time. And a singer who knows how to sing. There's nothing more to add except enjoy this stuff !!!

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 4518

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