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DAYS OF DISCORD ''the thong behind the thug'' | S/p records

days of discord DAYS OF DISCORD
"The thong behind the thug" (cd-r)

Added: 2008-05-12
Label: selfproduced stuff

 Rating: 2.7/5 (34 votes)


» Review:

Days Of Discord is one of the most promising band outta paris. After a first demo in 2005, they released last year a MCD called "The Thong Behind The Thug". After few seconds we know it's gonna be massive. Close to the early Full Blown Chaos and Bounz The Ball supported by a raw production, the record is a great mix between heavy hardcore, bashing mid tempos and killing breakdowns. We expect a lot from these guys, so be sure to check them up : they worth it.

by xpierrex


1. Stand Your Ground
2. Dedication
3. Betrayal
4. The Showoff

days of discord"Rise of violence"
  Label : S/p records

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Country : France

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