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(Goodlife rds)
"Live in poland"
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"The ultimate doom"
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"Omega supreme"
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In 1997, a mysterious hardcore band's demo hit the streets of Erie (PA). The band was based on the 80's cartoon series called "the transformers" taking their name, logo and multiple samples from the cartoon. with member names such as Donald Super, Warbux, Firefly, Biff justice, ScrapIron and Callahan, the band was able to sell out of their demo without the public knowing of their real names and previous notoriety in other moderately successful hardcore bands. Their popularity with the scene led to their next release put out by Erie legend Sa Mob Productions. The 7" titled "warpath", destroyed Erie and spread it's destruction throughout the world. The name warpath was chosen, not by mistake, but because it symbolically represented the path it would lay for future world domination. In 1999 SHOCKWAVE have merged forces across the globe with GLR for their first release aptly named "dominicon". Shortly after this effort, the deathsquad teamed up with brothers in war DISCIPLE and toured across the European continent, which was a huge success. Their brandnew one will be released on vinyl here at GLR and is titled 'autohate'.

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» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 13505

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