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UNITYHXC.COM | Interview with No Innocent Victim

No Innocent Victim
Interview made by Nahitfol in 1999 for Chaotik Webzine (Issue #7)

Being a christian metal or hardcore band is not an easy thing, everybody's ready to laugh at you and spit in your face... That's why I respect christian extreme music bands, eventhough I totally disagree with their beliefs. I stand for what's non-conventional and for bands who treasure their individuality. NIV released with "Flesh and blood" a great record of NY-style hardcore, that I fully enjoyed, ignoring the mesage behind. Discover what the band has to say; agree or disagree with them, but the music they're playing is just awesome.


No Innocent Victim started in 92 and consists of jason moody(vocals),corey edelmann(guitar),jason dunn(drums)and kyle fisher(bass).

"Flesh And Blood" presents undeniable similarities with the first two PRO-PAIN records: "Foul taste of freedom" and "The truth hurts". Do you agree, and what are your other influences?

I think it might sound a litlle like propain but we dont really even listen to propain so if it sounds like them it was not on purpose. Our influences are Agnostic Front,sick of it all,earth crisis,madball,hatebreed,and a lot of the old new york stuff.

Do you consider NIV as a christian band playing hardcore, or as a hardcore band with christian members? How much important is for the band, the fact that you're Christians?

We consider ourselves christians playing hardcore,our belief in Christ is everything to us but we are still just four guys who love to play hardcore.

Does the press cares too much about the fact that you're christian?

We definitely get a lot of questions because it seems wierd that we look the way we do and play hardcore and most of the church looks so difereent than we do but to me I like going against the grain and doing what most the other bands are not doing.

The hypocrisy and the crimes that christianity committed throughout the centuries, have made youth very suspicious towards it. What is your view about the whole thing?

Its really sad to see how bad a picturee of God man has painted but those who claim to know God and profain his name will be judged more than those who didnt. We as a band are not here to point people to us or any man because man will always fail and sometimes miserably, but we point people to God who never will fail anyone.

What are your relations with other christian HC bands? Name some...

Living sacrafice,p.o.d.,dogwood,disciple,zao.

What are the lyrics exaclty about?

Whatever is on our heart whether its about people saying we dont belong in the hardcore scene, or about rascism, or about christians who drag God's name through the mud with the hypocritical life they live.

Have you got any problems during shows by anti-religious persons?

Some bands will get up on stage and curse God and say they dont want anything to do with christianity and then be nice to us and say they enjoyed our set so yes and no, we get opposition but not on a one on one basis.

Any details about the recording process?

We recorded where Living Sacrifice did in a garage in little rock, arkansas. The guy who owns the studio is really incredidble and was great to work with. We recorded for 14 days about 8 to 10 hours a day and it is the first recording we are happy with.

How did you manage to sign with Victory, are you satisfied?

We just worked hard as a band and tried to tour as much as possible and we played chicago 3 times and we had support from clint who works at victory and other bands on victory and from other areas and Tony liked us so he signed us which made us very happy. We wear our victory shirts with pride and we hope to sell a lot of records to make them happy for signing us.

What do you think about the comeback of old NYHC heroes such as AGNOSTIC FRONT and BREAKDOWN?

I dont know about it , I guess its cool to see them coming back but I would have had more respect for agnostic front if they didnt come back because one voice was such an awesome album and I dont really like the new one, but thats just me. If we broke up and someone offered us a lot of money to come back we would probably do it to.

What's the situation for HC in the west coast?

We're used to hear only from melodic bands from there...I think there are a lot of bands into older stuff and more east coast stuff but they have not gotten any recognition,like built to last,powerhouse,redemption 87,and forced life. We like to play heavy old school so thats what we will play no matter where we live.

What do you think about the new ultra-metallic HC scene/sound: ALL OUT WAR, MERAUDER, END OF ONE, etc?

I think those bands are cool and I like a lot of that stuff but I dont consider it hardore, but now hardcore and metal are getting so close its becoming hard to seperate the two apart from hair length.

Any message for our readers?

Pick up our album so if when we fiinally get to europe you can sing along because were all about moshing and sing alongs.thanks for the interview and God bless.

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