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UNITYHXC.COM | Interview with From The Dying Sky

From The Dying Sky
Interview from Xcene zine, spanish fanzine (November 2000)

Please introduce the band to the readers (line-up, band history, music you play, releases...).

The band consists in chris who plays the drums, freddy the bass, mike and daniele play the guitars and rosso is on the mic… the band started at the end of the summer 1999 with another bassplayer, but we played our first show at the beginning of the 2000. we are all are vegansxe, and from day one we wanted to spread a strong message of earth and animal liberation in the way of bands like culture or day of suffering…i think we play an aggressive metal influenced hc, with an emotional touch…dark sun is going to release soon our first mini cd called "truth’s last horizon"; it contains 5 songs that deal with different subjects like animal suffering and exploitation, environmental destruction, love and other stuff…in december we’re going to record a new mcd for an italian label called green records, that is one of the first italian hc labels…check it out…

In a short period of time your promissing cd will be out in Dark Sun Records, How did you contact with that label from Valencia?

Our friends sentence told us that their label was looking for new bands, so we sent the cd to rob…he is a really dedicated guy and he’s doing very much for us…we totally support him

Your influences seem to be clear, Belgian metalcore in general, Arkangel, Caliban... What would you ad to this definition?

Everyone in ftds listen to a lot of different stuff…we’re all into 96/97 us vegansxe bands like abnegation, culture, contempt and morning again (e-chordish mosh rules!!!) …but we listen to a lot of non metalcore bands too…rosso and chris listen to scandinavian black/death metal and freddy, daniele and me love melodic stuff like mineral, texas is the reason or old xxx school stuff…personally i think our main influences are early abnegation and unbroken ( but everyone of us loves arkangel and caliban as well…

What about the mini tour with Sentence?

It has been a great experience for us…all the gigs have been special in their own way…we met a lot of great people like olivier from geneva (x83x rec. rules!!!) and we had a lot of fun with our friends sentence…we played the first gig in geneva at the vegan day, a very cool and interesting happening organized by olivier…i think that is really cool when ethics and fun meet, because music is a really good means to spread important topics like animal liberation…we played the second gig in aubange (b), near the boarder with luxemburg…it has been the coolest gig of the tour, even if we broke 4 strings!!!!!! the kids have gone crazy!!! the third gig in bellinzona has been cool but we were a bit tired beacause of the long trip…the van was incredibly uncomfortable!!!

The line up of the band has suffered a lot of changes in a short period of time, can you explain us that? Is the actual line up the definitve one?

Yes we had a lot of line up problems…our first bassplayer was unmotivated and early gave up their ideals…imagine that he has a vegan tatto on his back and he’s not vegan anymore j . unfortunately a lot of people has followed the same path in our area, and it’s a shame…daniele (ex to die for member) replaced him and palyed bass on our mcd…we played some shows with this line up but in july daniele left the band because of problems with school…freddy joined the band and with this line up we played our first show at the festival in terni…now this line up is very solid, we all are very close friends and have the same intentions and purposes… i don’t care if someone give up sxe, it’s something you do for yourself (even if it’s not completely true…) but veganism is something different…we cannot continue to partake into animal exploitation when the light of truth has enlightened our eyes…i think that everyone who shares the same information we have, has no excuses to continue to walk on the bloodpath society has built for us…we absolutely haven’t the right to kill animals when it’s absolutely unjustified…

Do you think that Italy is a racist country?

Tthis is an hard question…i think in italy we have less immigration problems than other european countries…immigration started in the late 80’s so it’s something relatively new in this country, and racial integration is something still very far…now it seems that nobody remember there are millions of italian immigrates all over the world…everybody relates immigration with drug trade, prostitution and crime but nobody care that these problems would never exist if italian people wouldn’t demand for drugs or prostitutes…most prostitutes are forced to come in italy by mercyless "human traders" who force them to sell their bodies as slaves…personally i’m not really worried about the immigration problems, but about the globalisation of cultures… like every other western country, we’re slowly forcing our culture based on profit to the other so-called third world countries, that are slowly becoming what we were in the last half century with the same enviromental consequences…we should try to learn from the cultures we are in contact with…we should build cultural basis for a new multicultural society… our traditions are killing us…

With the Reprisal signment with Good Life a lot of people is paying atention of what is happening in the italian hardcore scene. Do you think that they have oppenned some doors for other italian hxc bands?

I don’t think things are really changed since last reprisal cd, and i really don’t know what people think about italian scene…at the moment, there are a lot of cool bands, but there are not so many people involved into hc…it’s still something really underground…the biggest problem consists in finding good places to play in; clubs don’t want hc bands to play, just like most of the squats…

The band started at the end of summer 99, you have recorded a MCD, you have toured Europe, you played in the Terni festival... Don´t you think that everything is going very fast? Did you expect that?

Yes, we are a bit surprised about all the things are happening…everything is going very fast, but we worked incredibily hard to do everything we’ve done…for example, i had to spend 3 hours in train twice per week to meet the other guys, cause i live very far from trieste, the city where we used to practise…moreover in our area there are a lot of people who love to criticize everything we are doing, so everytime it’s damn hard to play in the neighbourhood without problems…

Tell us some cool italian bands that we should check here.

There are a lot of new cool bands…best of times comes from our own area and plays catchy and fast paced sxe old school in the vein of fastbreak and gorilla biscuits…they are very nice kids, so check out their next releases…there are a lot of cool bands in the infamous 054 area…sentence plays something between nyhc and bruxelles stuff, check out their new "dominion on evil"cd out now on dark sun rec…triumviratum plays something like a clevo version of path of resistance, they kick ass!!! consequence from ravenna, plays morning again inluenced new school, with positive lyrics…i think there’s no need to mention reprisal, they simply rock…check out the new absence mcd, out soon on catalyst records; they play a mix between south florida hc and the classic vegan mosh style, with incredible lyrics…other cool italian bands are to die for, purification (they rule!!!), redemption and more…

Last words?

First,i’d like to express our gratitude to you for this interview and to all the people that helped and supported us during this year… i´d like to thank all the people that are striving to spread veganism and animal liberation with every means…we cannot continue to support the neverending suffering animals have to endure everyday, we cannot continue to watch this world die because of our greed…i’d like to dedicate this interview to all the people who sacrifice freedom in the name of justice… consider veganism, you can be their saviour. live each day as your last…go vegan xxx

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