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UNITYHXC.COM | Interview with Shockwave

Interview made by Nahitfol in 2000 for Chaotik Webzine (Issue #8)

SHOCKWAVE's "Dominicon" is the best hardcore debut I've listened to in the last 6 months. The band has a certain talent in creating memorable songs with crushing riffs and beats. The concept of the band is based on the Transformers series, and it immediately hooked me up since my adolescence in Paris-France has been marked by other 80's japanese cartoons such as Hokuto No Ken, Dragonball, Saint Seiya, etc. I asked Donald Super (aka Daniel Quiggle) a few questions about all this.

Did you base Shockwave on the Transformers as a non-political statement?

We based shockwave on the transformers with no other motives except for what transformers meant to us and what it still means to us today. Politics don't play a role at all. When we started out people automaticaly grouped us as a militant sxe band. We not concerned with changing peoples lifestyles and politics. We do have a message but it's not a political one. We fight for what we feel is worthy. Not for some govermental issue. The statement is on our website to let people know we love transformers and g.i.joe more than watching the nightly News.

Talk to us about your transformers passion.

We love transformers with all our hearts! It was a couple perfect years of bliss when they graced the t.v's our toys and our hearts. Hasbro really hit the nail on the head. I remember the first christmas they came out and how crazy it was trying to sleep christmas eve thinking that your first transformer ever could be down stairs wrapped up under the christmas tree. I got thunder cracker and my brother got sound wave on that first christmas. We were so happy. We called our cousins and to see what they got and then we counted down until we could go over thier house and play with all the transformers. Some magic moments stick in your head forever.

Why the lyrics arent about transformers?

In a round about way some of the lyrics deal with issues concerning the transformers and some of them don't. Callahan writes all the lyrics and sometimes he has more personal things to say.

Why do you use nicknames and sometimes appear on stage masked?

When we started out, we were only gonna release a demo and then never play a show or tell anyone who was in the band.we didn't want people to like us just because we were in other notable hxc bands. We kept it a big secret for a couple months but when we played our first show the masks couldn't really hide us anymore. We still wear masks today because there are still kids who don't know who we are and it's still a mystery.

What's happening exactly in Erie-pa concerning HXC?

The erie, pa scene right now is booming! We are having tons of good shows with tons of great bands coming through. We have a handful of awesome bands like brothers keeper, disciple, thick as thieves, and last breath. What makes our scene so succesful overall is alot of kids working together to make it a more positive place.

Any message to our readers from planet Cybertron?

People of forwarned that our profecy is at and.....first we wrecked the states and now we are coming over to conquor europe with the help of our good friends Disciple and Goodlife recordings. We will win. Dominicon

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Format : mcd
Date : 0000-00-00
Label : Goodlife records
  "Live in poland"

Format : cd
Date : 2000-10-10
Label : Alone records
  "The ultimate doom"

Format : cd
Date : 2000-10-10
Label : Triplecrown records
  "Omega supreme"

Format : cd
Date : 2000-10-10
Label : Triplecrown records

Format : 7
Date : 1997-08-10
Label : Sa Mob records

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