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PRIMAL AGE ''the light to purify'' | S/p records

primal age
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"The light to purify" (mcd)

Added: 1999-10-12
Label: selfproduced stuff

 Rating: 2.4/5 (28 votes)


» Review:

Crushing edge metal with a strong message from France (Gisors);
Ths is their first mcd, that sounds differents compared to their two previous songs on the overcome records "in this otherland" compilation.
Expect a metallic slayerish hardcore with enraged screaming vocals not unlike Arkangel. A good surprise for the french ahrdcore scene.
Released on the guitarist's record label ! support it, buy this shit !


1. Innocence
2. Reflexion
3. Difference
4. Endchild
5. Blinded by cruelty

mp3"Suicide intervention"

primal age"The light to purify"
  Label : Eternalis records

primal age"A hell romance"
  Label : Customcore records

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Country : France

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