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TENSION ''...and at the hour of our death'' | None Of The Above records

tension TENSION
"...and at the hour of our death" (cd)

Added: 1998-06-06
Label: None Of The Above records

 Rating: 2.8/5 (37 votes)


» Review:

Their latest release for 97 is this intense CD called "...And At The Hour Of Our Death". I thought it would be impossible for this band to get any heavier...but they have. This CD is absolutely brutal Hardcore in your face. It combines the old school quick paced drums with the new school anger driven vocals and deep/think guitars. As with all Tension* releases, a clear and complex bass track is recogniseable.
15 songs total which INCLUDES re-mastered versions of the songs from their 7" which is impossible to locate anymore.
If you like your Hardcore angry, fast, heavy, and full of rage, get this shit !!

Track listing:

1. Mental Prefix
2. Fake I.D.
3. Who Asked You
4. Falling Down
5. Waste Of Time
6. Taxi Driver
7. Hate Control
8. See You In Hell
9. Self Destruct
10. Life Sentence
11. Made To Suffer
12. Torn Apart
13. Fear of Livin
14. The End

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