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SILENCER 7 ''directions on a compass'' | Householdname records

silencer 7 SILENCER 7
"Directions on a compass" (cd)

Added: 1999-10-10
Label: Householdname records

 Rating: 2.4/5 (22 votes)


» Review:

ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY formed in 1998 as SILENCER 7 with the aim of creating a hardcore sound which was recognisable but not easy to pin down.

With a fast paced, melodic, yet biting hardcore sound reminiscent of bands such as Ignite and Battery. With new school mosh parts, sing-a-longs, and breathtaking melodies played at a breakneck momentum, ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY give off a definate vibe of the early days of hardcore, while pushing music into the 21st century.

Its all here for you on the amazing debut CD "Directions on a Compass", 11 tracks of pure hardcore power, which is a progression from their EP in 1999. Equally at home playing shows at small underground clubs, as filling in numerous supports with Better Than a Thousand, Shelter, Snapcase, Hot Water Music, Reach the Sky, Good Clean Fun and Agnostic Front.

In September 2001 ANTHEM OF THE CENTURY split up, after releasing one further release - a six track CDep on Join the Team Player. The new bands STEEL RULES DIE and SWORN IN formed from the ashes.


1. Wide Eyed
2. Counterbalance
3. Mathematics of Progress
4. Our Time Will Come
5. Avalon
6. The Olympian Technique
7. Walk on Water
8. Bullets Vs You
9. Directions on a Compass
10. Seperate the Grains
11. The Sound of Sunsets on Distant Seas

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