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FAT ASS ''split cd 2008'' | S/p records

fat ass FAT ASS
"Split cd 2008" (cd)

Added: 2013-07-30
Label: selfproduced stuff

 Rating: 2.6/5 (17 votes)


» Review:

French hardcore
split with Alea Jacta Est


Alea Jacta Est
1. Intro
2. Change yourself first
3. Your reign ends here
4. Patriota
5. Leave no man behind
6. See the truth

Fat Ass
7. The beginning of the end
8. No prisoners, slaughter em all
9. Past is lost forever
10. The devil s rejects
11. Burn this world
12. Outro

Fat Ass"Past Is Lost Forever"
  Label : Knives Out records

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Country : France

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