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BEANS ''So it goes'' | Iscream records

beans BEANS
"So it goes" (cd)

Added: 2002-06-28
Label: Iscream records


» Review:

Beans was formed in February 1996, they started out as a cover band. Covering songs from Operation Ivy, Rancid and Choking Victim. After a year their bassplayer left the band due to a lack of talent. So Ronald, Sander en Bikkel decided to go on with just the three of them. They were still covering their all time favourites and never expected to leave the practice room to do a show. But a friend of them asked them to play a show for some people he knew. For this show he needed a name to be put on the flyer. In a hurry Sander, Bikkel and Ronald decided to call their band 'Beans'. After that they played some more Beans shows and people started to recognize the name. So they were stuck with the name. Two weeks before this first show, Blok told them that he would love to play the bassguitar in their band. Blok had never played the bassguitar before, he just wanted to play in a band. Blok never left.
After three years of playing shows they decided to record their first full length album 'weapons of the weak'. They recorded it in two days. All their friends liked the album so much that they decided to send a copy of it to a large international dutch metal/punk/hardcore magazine. Onno cromag (who works for this magazine) recieved it. The same day he called them for an appointment, because he was shocked about the high quality of the album. He also had called his friend/partner Laurens at I Scream Records and let him hear some songs via the telephone.

They recorded the second album 'C'mon, Get it on' in february 2000, a year after 'Weapons of the weak', again 16 songs, again Menno Bakker. It took two and a half day to record C'mon. More history will come as time goes on...

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