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SILENCE THE FOE ''Demo'' | Guideline records

silence the foe SILENCE THE FOE
"Demo" (cd-r)

Added: 2003-11-07
Label: Guideline records


» Review:

Have you ever been struck by lightning, and then felt an extreme rush for another electroshock? That's how Silence the Foe operates!!! The band is known for delivering a turbulent show while playing straight forward and catchy hardcore. The crowd just can't help getting blown away by their aggressive live appearance. It's more chaos than you can imagine.

This bandmachinery from the cold and uninhabited city of Trondheim, Norway, was born in March 2000. Since that they have urged to become an important part of the growing derground scene in Norway. Bands such as Refused, Roadside Monument and Frodus have influenced their style of music, and they have released a seven inch split with the now defunct band "The Hellbanned" and a Cd EP called "When summer turns to sand". The EP is produced by Tommy Akerholdt from the nerve-breaking rockband Silver, and it has received good critics. The songs on the EP can be described as aggressive metallic hardcore, but yet they were not afraid of mixing it with what some people choose to call emo.

The band went through some time of evolution after the summer of 2001, and the outcome was a new drummer and a more straightforward and catchy type of hardcore. (this was a real before/after experience for the band). With an outstanding collection of new songs the band ravaged European roads last summer. The tour was quite successful, and the band repeatedly demonstrated an ability to blow away audiences. STF has played with several major bands within the growing underground scene: Blindside, Plastic Pride, The Blamed, Darwin, Figure Four, Extol, Silver, Selfmindead, Kaospilot and others.

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