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OWNFIGHT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

  OWNFIGHT | Spain
  » Releases :

"El tiempo y la esperanza"
(Backside rds)
"Salva, por siempre en nuestro"
(Backside rds)
"Punto de no retorno"
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» Biography

Formed in Valencia,Spain in 1995 by 5 friends influenced by classic hardcore bands from the likes of Madball, Youth of Today etc... Soon their sound turned a bit more metallic and defined what Ownfight was about, hardcore, metal and punk mixed with an own style. In 1997 they released their first CD, called el Tiempo y la esperanza, then in 1998 they lost their guitar player in an accident and a 7" was released in his memory. In 2000 their last album was released, a killer and solid release that made them tour all around Spain and Europe. In 2005 3 old unreleased tracks were put out on a split cd with Mano a Mano. Musically think of Integrity and Merauder but with spanish lyrics.

» Country : Spain
» Hit profil : 3171

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» Total added : 515


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