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HAMARTIA | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"To play the part"
(Goodlife rds)

» Biography

HAMARTIA - Hamartia was originally formed under a different name in the fall of 1999. Initially, the band formed with the dual purpose of expressing themselves through aggressive music and conveying strong moral beliefs they felt important to the hardcore music community. However, after a string of personal differences threatened to the end of the group, they realized that perhaps the same beliefs that unified their moral standpoint as a band, did not necessarily unify them as individuals. Armed with this knowledge, guitarists Jeff an Jay went on to recruit new members. In january of 2000, the two teamed up with close friend and bassist Brad Amorosino. Soon after, they were joined by drummer Mark Castillo, formerly of Massachussetts-based band Piecemeal, which had recently dissolved. Complimented by vocalist Vin Tiu, who had formerly worked with the guitarists, Hamartia set forth in a new direction, aiming towards diversity and open-midedness rather than the closed set of beliefs they had previously embodied. Immdiately the band set to work on a host of new songs, utilizing the various elements of metal and hardcore to create their own unique sound. After numerous shows in the local area, Hamartia recorded a three song Demo in august of that year. In the meantime, Brad left to pursue his original interest as a guitarist, and the band was then completed by Brendan MacDonnald, former guitarist of the Western Massachussetts band Ehnare. In the following months, Hamartia was to sell about 150 copies o the demo in surrounding states; as many as they were able to make! After months of being together, having played with bands such as Shai hulud, In My eyes, Blood Has Been Shed, Undying, Catharsis, Poison the Well, Brother's Keeper, Code Seven, SkyCameFalling, Killswitch Engage, and others, the group returned to the studio. In mid-october, Hamartia recorded the current Three-song promo CD at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA with the help of Adam Dutkiewicz of Aftershock/Killswitch engage. Currently they are looking to record a full-length CD and are planning to tour in the coming months.

» Country : U S A
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