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UNITYHXC.COM | Interview with Vale Tudo

  VALE TUDO | Switzerland
Vale Tudo
Interview made by my bro Arnaud from

Vale Tudo is an awesome pretty new band coming from the Old Continent and especially from that sweet and famous chocolate country aka Switzerland ! They play a fuckin' hard & raw metallic toughcore you should all give a listen once and then get addicted to it, believe me those guyz rule ! They will be also featured in our "Talk Shit...Get Hit" compilation cd coming in a month on Nothing But A Beatdown Records !!!

First of all, could you introduce us Vale Tudo please guyz. When did the band start ? Who plays in the band ? Who came with that band name and its meaning ?

We are VALE TUDO from Zürich City, Switzerland and we established the band in March 2006. By August 2006 we released our first output "Anything Goes" and began to play numerous shows all over Switzerland and Germany supporting bands as Sworn Enemy, 100 Demons, Ramallah, Death Before Dishonor, Cataract, The Setup or The Bronx. Vale Tudo consists of Ozumo and DK on vocals, Rick and Evil Jay on guitars and Dryer and V. on Bass and Drums. "Vale Tudo" means "anything goes" in Portuguese and basically is a synonyme for Free Fight or Mixed Martial Arts nowadays. V. came up with it and it fits perfectly with the aggressive sound of the band and the fighter spirit of its members.

What are Vale Tudo members musical background ? Have you guyz had any other past/present bands ?

We all are into HC and metal for ages now and played in different bands of the Swiss scene through the years. Px-Pain, Mulder, Cataract, Low Down, Tough Luck just to name a few. Besides that, DK has his own Hip Hop project running under the name of Teamchef. Jay has got his brutal deathcore band Bloodlust. And V. is still active in his thrash metal band NT and the completely insane Krueger23.

What are you guyz doing for a living in your regular life ?

There are concert promoters, barkeepers, students, inveterate drunkards and even businessmen in the oil industry. It's Vale Tudo - Anything goes.

How could you describe your sound to kids who don't know you ?

It's high-energy old school hardcore with two lead singers. Straight forward, massive and raw. Perfect for anybody who likes to go nuts in the pit. Mosh, you bastards !

What do your lyrics talk about ? Any message ?

We sing about who we are. Vale Tudo is about having a good time with good friends. We love hardcore music, we love what we do and we like to party hard while doing it. If you don't, that's ok for us, we don't give a fuck.

You're from Switzerland, could you tell us more about the scene nowadays in this country ! Any friends' bands to recommend us and local bands we should keep an eye on ?!

It is quite a small scene here in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the average Swiss scenester is a picky little bastard that does not move his ass to shows too often. It is a hard job for the good people out there organizing shows, writing fanzines, keep the scene alive. Big respect for anyone who is getting his arse up for Swiss hardcore. If you are looking for Swiss kickass bands, check out Tiger.Tiger!, Mimicry, Life As War, Despise and Backwash.

How is the crowd reaction to your live shows ? Any good venues in your area for hardcore/metal gigs ?

So far we were lucky and especially in our hometown Zürich the kids went crazy on a regular basis. Also we had an excellent crowd at both the Burn The Stage Festival (Böröm, Oberentfelden) and the Kingshot X-Mas Mosh (Galvanik, Zug).

What are your fave shows/fests memories ? Any good bands you like to tour with and sharing the stage ?

It felt good opening for Death Before Dishonor and Ramallah since we are big fans of them. Further, it is always great fun sharing the stage with our buddies of Cataract. There are hundreds of bands we would like to tour with. Let's see what the future brings !

Could you tell us more about your full discography with Vale Tudo !

We only have "Anything Goes" out by now, our first official release.

Any new release/studio time planned for 2007 ? What should we expect from your new shit ?!

We've just finished recording some new material for a split CD which hopefully will be released by summer this year. The new songs kick ass and we can't wait to play them live. Further, we will be featured on the Nothing But a Beatdown compilation "Talk shit...Get hit" which will be released this spring.

Typical shit, what are your personal fave bands ? Your influences as a band ?

Any band member has his own favorites but we all like stuff like Madball, Blood For Blood, Merauder, Integrity, Pantera, Backfire and the Ryker's.

Your first and best show you've ever seen as audience ?

Fuck that shit. There were so many good shows over the past 15 or 20 years that it would be unfair to pick out a single one.

What you wanna realize with this band ?

We do not have something like a masterplan. We just do what we feel like doing. For now we make this split CD, then it's time to look at the next steps. As long as it is fun to raise hell on stages everywhere, we will keep doing it.

Any real European tour planned for 2007 ? Any upcoming local shows soon or you're taking a real break during this winter to write new stuff ?!

We took off January and February to record and mix the new songs for the split. By March we start playing gigs again. No European tour is planned so far but there are some nice gigs booked for 2007 with bands as Pro-Pain, Benediction, Born From Pain, etc... For a detailed concert calendar, please visit our myspace site.

How we could buy you Vale Tudo merch ? What type of merch is available now ?

You can place your order directly by e-mail through Deekay-Music. Or you can contact us through our myspace site. We sell CDs, T-Shirts for the guys and tank tops for the ladies. New merch is coming soon, so stay tuned.

You're free to end this my brothers ! Thanx a million for your time and answers !

Thank you for this interview and the work you do with NBAB. Keep the spirit alive, keep it raw and take no bullshit from nobody.
VALE TUDO - Zürich's Hardest.

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  "Anything goes"

Format : cd
Date : 2007-07-09
Label : Colibri records

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