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FALL SILENT | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

Fall Silent
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fall silent
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all Silent from Reno, Nevada formed in late 1994 for the sole purpose of writing and playing music. Plain and simple. They did not form to support any ideological movement, to make money, or to make friends. They started the band to make music with people who they felt close to, and to somehow make their lives and ideas immortal through the memories of the people who saw them play and heard their recordings.

Though the band has gone through many line-up and stylistic changes, Fall Silent has never taken a hiatus or stopped being active in the underground music scene. With three full tours of the United States and extensive touring of Europe and Japan, Fall Silent is dedicated to bringing their music to as many people in the world as possible. Never asking for hand-outs or pleading for people to support their band, they have financed every project they have ever done out of their own pockets. Fall Silent is a monument to the "Do It Yourself" ethic and is ready to bring the band to the next level with the help of Revelation Records.

After releasing the discography cd entitled "Six Years In The Desert" on Revelation in 2001, Fall Silent didn't waste anytime entering the studio to record their brand new release "Drunken Violence". Armed with their best songs yet and recorded by Eric Stenman (Deftones, Will Haven, Far, 7 Seconds), Fall Silent unleashes their best work yet. Early reviews of the record have compared the band to Malevolent Creation, Coalesce, Rorschach, and Crowbar with a strong hardcore foundation.

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