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EXTINCTION | biography, discography, photos, free mp3, videos, interviews

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"Hypocrisy breeds traitors"
(Catalyst rds)

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Extinction was a straight edge band from the Chicago, Illinios area. During their three year existence they played frequently in the Midwest as well as on the east coast. Extinction combined influences from bands such as Unbroken, and Damnation AD with a tratitional hardcore sound which gave them a unique style.

Extinction released two records, both of which came out on Catalyst. The first was Enemy of the People a four song seven inch e.p. (CR07), and the second was Hypocrisy Breeds Traitors (CR09) an eight song CD which also includes the e.p. as bonus tracks.

Extinction broke up not long after the release of their CD, at the height of their popularity. Members of Extinction went on to be in Arma Angelus, Falout Boy, Suicid Note, The Hope Conspiracy, and Suicide FIle among others.

» Country : U S A
» Hit profil : 2044

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