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UNITYHXC.COM | Interview with All Out War

All Out War
Interview made by Nahitfol in 1998 for Chaotik Webzine (Issue #6)

Yo Mike wassup? Please give us a brief history and discography of ALL OUT WAR.

ALL OUT WAR started in 92 with Mike Score and Chris Bozeth (x MERAUDER). Jim came later and after many line-up changes including x members of DARKSIDE NYC, TASTE OF FEAR and STIGMATA we eventually came to the strongest line-up of our history which is: Erik Carillo-bass, Jim Antonelli-guit, Tarms Apuzzo-guit, Mike Score-voc, and Jesse Sutherland drums. We have 2 7"EP's out and a full-length called "Truth in the age of lies". We also have a new full-length on the way from Victory records called "For those who were crucified". It will be out on Europe on Sept. 8.

After releasing the "Destined to burn" 7"EP on Stephen KICKBACK’s Hardway recs, I heard (from Stephen) that you were splitting, what happened and you continued?

Yes, we broke up for two years. We were all unsure of where our lives were heading. Plus we had drummer problems as always. We finally decided we needed to do the band to keep our sanity.

Were you satisfied with the sales of the 7"EP and the job that Hardway did? Stephen told me that he wanted to release your debut full-length. Why you preferred Gainground?

Yes we were satisfied with the job Stephen did. I wish it could have gotten more distro in the US but on the whole Stephen did a great job. We chose Gain Ground because he offered to bring us to Europe and he had a reputation for getting great distribution and great advertisement. I have to say though that we are extremely dissatisfied with his ability to keep in touch with us and let us know what's going on and I know other bands feel the same way.

How did you manage to sign with Victory?

We played out in Chicago last year and they saw us and they really liked us. We developed a friendly relationship with them and stayed in touch. Eventually they decided we were a band they wanted to work with.

You re-recorded for "Truth in the age of lies" the 3 tracks of your 7" on Hardway. Why? Obviously you had enough new songs since the whole record’s timing is more than 50 minutes. Why did you change the excellent riff in the middle of "Fall from grace".

Because we felt they were good songs and we wanted more people to hear them. As far as "Fall..." goes, that song was written so long ago and things just progressed with the song so that's where it ended up.

With your "Destined to burn" 7"EP you were one of the first bands world-wide who introduced the deathcore style. It seems that it kinda became the new HC trend nowadays. What do you think about it?

I think it's great. There's so much you can do by mixing these styles. It's so boring to listen to just one style all te time. I think mixing it up adds interest to the music. You never know where it's going. As far as being the first band to do it I think MERAUDER were probably the first and in my opinion one of the best.

Are you familiar with european deathcore (KICKBACK, H-8000 style)? Do you like it?

Yes and I love it. I think most of these bands destroy many of the bands in the US. KICKBACK, LIAR, CONGRESS, DEFORMITY, AWOL, ARKANGEL are some of my favorite bands.

"Truth in the age of lies" ‘s style is pretty similar to KICKBACK’s "Forever war". Do you think so?

No, not really. I think we grab from some of the same influences.

Why "Cross of disbelief"’s lyrics aren’t printed on the LP’s inlay card?

Purely by accident.

Both your "Destined to burn" and "Truth in the age of lies" records feature old paintings/gravures in the front sleave. Was it your choice?

Yes, I'm very into that style of art and I think is represents the lyrics and the overall atmosphere of the band quite well.

You’ve toured recently through Europe. Compare the american and european HC shows, and both scenes too.
I think the two scenes are very similar and very different at the same time. As far as style of dancing (especially France and Belgium) and dress styleand so on both scenes are very similar but the similarities end there. Europe doesn't take the scene for granted as much as the kids in the US. I think the european kidz respect HC and bands a lot more. I feel that kids in the US are very spoiled because they see many bands and they forget that the roots lie with the small bands and that there is a scene beyond EARTH CRISIS, SNAPCASE and SICK OF IT ALL.

Some old-school HC fans say that new-school and deathcore bands are metal and not HC. Do you think there are enough HC influences in your music to justify the HC label?

I really don't care about that. We are a band that plays heavy music and we all grew up in the NYHC scene. If you don't like us because we don't fit in with your little immature attitude that's fine with me. I like agressive extreme music whether it be SLAYER, AGNOSTIC FRONT, GBH or whatever, HC, metal, punk rock as long as I relate to it lyrically and the music's brutal I enjoy it.

"Hardcore" is more a tag for a band’s music or attitude?

I'd say attitude at this point all the traditional HC bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, and so on are all great bands but I'm not into a lot of the HC revival bands. I think they don't have the same hour to as AF, BREAKDOWN, SOIA, MADBALL or countless other bands. Some of them I like though like H2O, ENSIGN and IN MY EYES. Also REACH THE SKY from Boston rule the world.

Deathcore is very popular in the HC scene but I think it could get really BIG if metal fans had the chance to check such bands out. Did this happen for you? (I know you supported a bunch of metal bands in NY)

We've played with NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION, FORBIDDEN and some others. It was a lot of fun and metalheads don't give a fuck. They lke brutal music. I think many metal fans are first and foremost music fans. Much more openminded than the average HC kid. Not to say I don't love HC. It's the scene I grew up in and I will always love it, I just think that right now there is way too much separation int he HC scene. What ever happened to unity and the family aspects of HC?

Obviously there are some thrash/death metal influences in your sound. Name them as well as your fave metal bands.


Your opinion about the sXe movement and veganism?

I totally support vegetarianism and veganism. I'm a vegetarian and my girlfriend Kym is vegan. I also feel that sXe is a great lifestyle to load but not one that I choose for myself.

These last lines go to you…

Thanks a lot Panos for the interview we appreciate the support. Thanks to all the european kids for making our tour in Europe so much fun. Remember to support the underground or you won't have anything to support. For more info on AOW write to AOW, 93 Mills Rd, Walden NY 12586, USA or to Victory Recs. Thanks for the support.

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