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THE BLINDING LIGHT ''the ascension attempt'' | Deathwish records

the blinding light THE BLINDING LIGHT
"The ascension attempt" (cd)

Added: 2006-01-02
Label: Deathwish records

 Rating: 2.4/5 (18 votes)


» Review:

The Blinding Light are a uniquely creative tech/metal/hardcore/doom hybrid fronted by awe inspiring vocalist, Brian Lovro (ex-Threadbare). Sonically infectious as they are violently intense, The Blinding Light burn brighter than their contemporaries, rushing forth with a break neck force rarely found within the metallic hardcore community.

Released in 2004, "The Ascension Attempt" hovered as an independent and triumphant crossover of metal and hardcore. Fusing a thrash metal viciousness (think Slayer, Ripping Corpse, Dark Angel, etc) with an unrelenting hardcore ferocity.


1. Wake up / the wind up
2. Routine seizure
3. I cant slow down
4. Ammunition
5. Hydrant
6. Snake killer
7. Light
8. Alive


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