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PITBOSS 2K ''everyone s a winner'' | Iscream records

pitboss 2k PITBOSS 2K
"Everyone s a winner" (cd)

Added: 2000-01-01
Label: Iscream records

 Rating: 2.1/5 (37 votes)


» Review:

Ladies and Gentlemen we are here to bring into Hardcore what is known to us as 'Hardcore Entertainment'. Many bands use the hardcore forum to talk about the streets, to talk about tough times, to talk about unity, to talk about what to eat, smoke or drink. They use hardcore to prove what scene stars they are and how popular they are to the psychophants who idolize them. They love to tell you how real everything is, how if you doubt their message, you will be subject to strong lectures or beatdowns. We who represent PITBOSS 2000 want to represent Entertainment. THAT'S IT!!! We want kids to come out to shows, to circle pit, to laugh, to have a good time, to take some good natured ribbing, to engage in some Politically Incorrect Dialogue. We want them to leave behind what they know about "Real" Hardcore and come be entertained. In no way are we taking away from bands that actually believe they have a message and for them that message is important. But as far PITBOSS 2000 goes, we have no agenda. These Lines from
Lifes Too Short spell it out:

Life is short, you gotta have fun, Ball Bust on Everyone, Fuck em if they can't take a joke, When Hardcore's done where will they go. Everyone in the world falls into this, we bust on ourselves, we bust on others, you have to stop taking yourselves and your problems so damn serious. For those of you who want to be entertained and have a good time, come on out and check us out, for those of you who live hardcore everyday like a religion, disregard this and keep talking smack.

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